How Common ?

  1. How common is it for people to tie up their self worth to their careers ?

    Is it common ?

    What's your opinion ?
  2. I think it happens but I'm not sure how common it is. I personally don't. Maybe if I loved my job more and they treated me better I would.
  3. I think alot of people do this. They equate the success of themselves as a person against the success of their career. Which is totally wrong. Your self-worth as a person should be a constant in your life with everything else coming after......sometimes thats what makes the difference in the career you choose or how far you go!
  4. I don't think it's common for people to tie their self worth to their careers, but it's definitely common for people TO JUDGE others' self worth based on their careers... if that makes sense.. :upsidedown:
  5. There was this one commercial in Germany a few years back that was really popular and was mocked/imitated many times over the years.

    Two friends from highschool meet each other in a cafe 20 years after graduation. One asks the other, how life was treating him. The one guy pulls out four cards/pics and while slamming each one on the table in front of the other guy, he says

    My car.
    My house.
    My dog.
    My watch.

    The other guy nods in respect, then pulls out his set of pictures and goes:

    My car (more expensive car)
    My house (mansion)
    My horse (pure bread racing horse)
    My... something else.

    It was a stupid commercial for a bank that offered good interest for people's savings accounts.

    Point being, too many people define themselves in what they accomplish in their career. That comes with a fair amount of arrogance, too (at least for those who are big earners).

    After all, we all only have one butt and only can sit on one chair (as a Czech saying goes).
  6. I think a lot of people do-especially in position that are stressfu or require a lot of training. There's a reason they say that doctors have a God-complex. I can think of examples in academia as well-the whole process of receiving tenure.

    LOL, if my self worth was tied to my job, I'd be freakin' suicidal.
  7. I don't do it directly, but I get so worked up (negatively) about how my parents "brag" about my career. It seems so important to them, as I know it makes them proud.

    Problem is...if I ever choose to leave or change careers, I know I'd disappoint them so much that my feeling of self-worth would be diminshed....argh - and I'm nearly 40!!! :shame:

    So the answer to your question is "yes" - but indirectly.
  8. I think it varies. I know people who obsess about their jobs and others where they like what they do, it pays the bills, and that's about it.

    I used to define my self-worth and esteem when I finished college and first started working fulltime. I wanted to do well, contribute to the company's success and I wanted my co-workers and boss to respect me. I was 22 and everyone else was in their 30s, 40s...I felt like everyone's little sister and tried SO hard to be mature and didn't know how to leave work behind mentally at the end of the day. If I had a bad day at work the rest of the evening sucked and vice versa.

    Now I am much better at not stressing about work outside of work and not letting it define me.
  9. I don't have a career, I have a vocation!:yahoo: (erm, it doesn't pay so much right now!:shame: )

    I will only feel superior to someone with a fake handbag, as I know she's tried to compete by cheating, and been found wanting - me, I have two good bags only but I have pride and self-respect that money could not buy.:angel:

    Lots of people in London tie their worth up in their careers until reality hits and they need help!:hysteric:

  10. unfortunately, I DO tie my self-worth to my career (lack of at the moment), but that has more to do with my upbringing. In my culture it's important to have a successful career, an advance degree, and make lots of money. It's also common for parents to compare and benchmark their kids amongst other kids. I'm never good enough in comparison and hence little self-worth and my desparation in trying to get a better job:yes:
  11. Yeah but I bet you're great without a career as well!:wlae:

  12. All too often this happens. IMO a career does not define a person. It's sad to me that so many people believe it does.
  13. Very common

    People identify themselves through their job
  14. agreed... totally way too common for pple to judge others based on their career