How common is the gun metal hardware?

  1. I am looking at my new bag - still a little puzzled about the hardware.

    How common is it? What other bags are done in gun metal?

    I'm not disappointed - I think it looks wonderful. I guess I just expected the bag to be made with gold hardware.
  2. I still haven't seen it.
    I think someone mentioned that LV was making a move towards changing ALL the hardware and moving away from the gold?

    Can I see pictures?
  3. Off the top of my head...I know that the Myrtille colored Epi pieces come with silver hardware too.
  4. The eLux site claims that on the epi speedy:

    "Golden hardware for Mandarin, Red and Black; titanium hardware for Mocha "

    Mine is definitely NOT titanium. What gives? Was this a special order?

    Here is the lock: DSC00713.JPG (oops, had to edit...)

    It looks brighter in the pic. In reality, it is a charcoal-grey.
  5. Wow. I REALLY like how that looks :smile:
  6. This is definitely not silver, either.

    I'll take a few more pics that will hopefully show how dark it is...
  7. What is the titanium supposed to look like? I'm not familiar with the epi line...but I just assumed there were 2 different types of hardware, the gold colored ones and the silver :hrmm: I guess there are 3? Gold, titanium, and palladium? :blink:
  8. See... that's the thing... I asked - and all of the SA's said definitely "No, this is a special color - gun metal."

    I thought titanium looked like brushed nickel. This "gun metal" stuff is so dark, it almost blends in with the color of the bag. The pics I take seem to capture the shine, making it look much lighter than it really is.

  9. I'm just as confused as you now...hopefully someone with more experience in the epi line can answer your q!

    PS: I love your icon.
  10. It's peanut butter jelly time! :yahoo:
  11. wow i love the gunmetal it almost looks pewter like. it looks great on the mocha.
  12. I think there's just confusion with the name - the lock you showed in the picture is the same color as the lock on my Myrtille Speedy 25.
  13. Actually I had a titanium bracelet that was that color. Is the lock very light?
  14. I think gun metal is so beautiful....bling will be so "last season" in the fall! Really....this is perfect. I love it....gun metal is the new silver! (Especially with that color) Fabulous!