How common is it to find a Hermes boutique in Neiman Marcus?

  1. My local one does and the SA are very nice, but I wonder how much I'm missing by not traveling another 45 minutes to the Hermes boutique itself? Does anyone else have one and do you shop there?
  2. It is quite uncommon to find a Hermes boutique in a Neiman Marcus. At my NM you are lucky if you find scarves or a twilly near accessories.

    I feel a 45 minute trip to an actual boutique may be well worth it for a fun adventure. I am sure you will find more merchandise to look at compared to a NM. You may also make a wonderful connection with a kind SA that would truly help you out when you are looking for things. It can't hurt. You should take the drive at least one time.

    Best of Luck and report back to us.
  3. My local Neiman Marcus only carries the scarves and scarf rings, but then Hermes is literally right next door to them in the mall so that would make sense. Depending on the size of your Hermes branch, it would probably be worth the drive.

    The funny thing is that the Hermes store will reserve the best scarves for their biggest customers, and they'll never see the display case, but I can find the odd treasure at Neiman Marcus.

  4. My NM only has scarves, and only a few of them. And they're old--they get new stuff about two years after Hermes does, LOL! For me, it's worth the shlep to visit both the BIG Hermes and the smaller but friendlier Hermes in the big city.
  5. Interesting ladies! My NM has a complete seperate Hermes store/boutique. Men and women, shoes, ties, scarves, jewelry, bags, clothing, even riding attire (God, the saddles!) Even fragrance that the fragrance counter doesn't carry. Lovely SA's.

    I am heading to the Hermes boutique on Sunday w/DH. I want to see just what I'm missing, lol.

    Thanks ever so much!
  6. Lucky you!! One thing to remember, at Hermes if you have to return something they will only issue you a store credit--as opposed to the straight refund that NM issues.
  7. You may want to check -- many are closed on Sunday.
  8. ^^ True, but at least Madison Avenue starts their holiday hours this Saturday, which means they will be open Sundays from now til Christmas. It's a great idea to call ahead, though, just to make sure.
  9. Thanks for the info. I will make sure to call before heading down there. I just assumed they would be open (everyone seems to be). With the holidays, they just might be. The head-up on returns is wonderful too. Though I rarely return something, you just never know. Thank you both again!
  10. Sounds like you have an awesome NM. Where is yours? (if you don't mind me asking)
  11. ^ It's located in Chevy Chase MD. Though, some claim it's actually DC; it's on Wisconsin Avenue, at the Mazza Gallery.
  12. Oh, really? I have to check out this store. It is about 1h30mins from my house. Thanks for your information.