How comfy is the LV shoes?

  1. I never own a pair of LV shoes :shame: . I try them on many times and I think they are not comfy enough. Some model the leather seems to be too regid (I try a pairs of mini lin shoes) I really want them loads but not sure if they are good with everyday use.

    Every time I went back to Chanel to make sure it worth to pay. I'm not a fan of Jimmy Choo, or MB.

    I found that Chanel shoes are very comfy especially Cambon so I never bought other brands as Chanel shoes are cute and comfy.

    Anyone own a pair of LV shoes? and How comfy are them?
  2. i heard they were very uncomfortable.. i tried some on, and they fit ok, but they did feel tight.
    i dont think they are the best shoes....
  3. I love my wedges in Mono Mini and of course sneakers don't count! They're always comfortable.
  4. no, i have not. but i have recently been looking at a couple of pairs online. i am curious what the response to this thread will be.
  5. I have the monte carlo loafer. It is the only one that is comfortable and I had to buy it in the bigger size (I wear a size 10, I had to buy it in a size 11). I have a pair of pink denim sneakers and monogram ballerinas which make my feet ache. I hate those two pairs, but it's too late to return them.
  6. I have a pair of ballerina and I love them.
  7. The mules are very comfortable, I have quite a few...and yes, they run 1 size small.
  8. LV shoes are the only ones i don't have to break-in. they're comfortable and perfect from day one. but then again being a guy, i can't say the same for heels personally. although my mum has no qualms about her LV shoes either.
  9. I have 2 pairs, the MC ballet flats and the MC wedges and the flats are comfy, the wedges are not. I always end up getting blisters on my little toes because of the vachetta hasn't really softened up all that much, either.
  10. both of my sneakers are very comfy. my mary jane's are decent but i think it's cause i should've gotten a half size bigger.
  11. I have four pairs so far, two sneakers, angelina mules, and the lamb & snakeskin sandal (low heel). They are all very comfy. I think my DH bought me some LV shoes to for Valentine's day- hopefully the Santa Barbra Sandals, not sure which ones though. I really like the Lilac ones! I only needed half size bigger in the heels.
  12. they are very confortable just like the chanel shoes they are made in Italy
  13. I have 2 pairs, the Bahia flip flops and Cherry Blossom ballerinas. Both are gomfy to walk in.
  14. I have the Venice Sneakers, MC Wedges and Santa Barbara Sandals. The MC Wedges almost swore me off the shoes, they hurt like no other pain I've ever endured, but I tried the SB sandals and they were so comfy! I prefer to buy Manolos or Choos though but I wouldn't mind a pair of the Balmoral (sp?) pumps in red. Oh, and Gucci shoes! They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever bought. Most of my shoes are from Gucci.
  15. Also, to add I've always bought 35's in the LV shoes, usually I wear a 35 1/2 or 36. They run kind of big, IMO.