How comfortable is the papillon 30 on the shoulder...

  1. for someone that is around 5'1"-5'2" and 115lbs? TIA!
  2. I'm 5'8" and when I owned one I weighed 150 and it doesn't really work well on my shoulder. It probably will for you tho! I loved it anyway but sold it but am planning on getting both mono and damier 30 again. Some others will probably answer this question better than me. Let us know if you get it. We love pics!
  3. For someone as small as 5'1, 115lbs. it should fit perfectly. I prefer them crook off arm.
  4. I think it would fit perfectly!
  5. I think you'll do fine with it!
  6. I'm 5', 100lbs, and my papillion is my everyday bag! I love it because its not a huge feeling bag, yet I can fit a ton inside it! I wear it on my shoulder probably 99% of the time and its quite comfy. the only times I dont is when I have a big puffy jacket on or something.
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  7. I am bigger than you but it fits comfortably over my arm/shoulder. It's definitely one of my favorite bags.
  8. I have a 26 so can't say anything about how the 30 fits, but I did se a girl with one this past weekend who was wearing it like a back pack. So cute!!!
  9. At first, I was like "no way!" :wtf: But I just tried wearing my damier pap 30 like a backpack and it actually works! Looks a bit silly but it's actually quite cute! :graucho:
  10. Since you're petite, it'll fit you very nicely on the shoulder. :yes:
  11. you and i are exactly the same sze (height and weight). i tried the pap 30 and it was very comfortable on my shoulder. get it!!!! i want it in damier and also the epi version too (soufflot).
  12. the pap looks great on you.
  13. i am sooo tempted to get one!!!
  14. I found it did not work that well as a shoulder bag for me. fit funny over the shoulder and I was always worried about it keeping shape
  15. I love this bag.