How comfortable are you wearing your LV or other designer to church?

  1. I love my designer bags, but somehow I feel so uncomfortable wearing my LV bags to church. I guess I feel guilty or materialistic for wearing them infront of church members. I'm afraid that I will be judged, so I usually wear my Gerard Darel bag or other unknown bags to church.

    Do you wear your designer bags to church? Last week, I saw this teenager wearing a white multicolor Theda and the week before, a Chanel to church. I felt so bad for being envious that her parents would spend that much for their daughter's assessory.

    Do you sometimes feel this way? I hope I'm not the only one:confused1:
  2. I don't know, my grandmother and other relatives are always dressed to the nines going to church on Sundays -- but they are always visiting friends or family afterwards, so I suppose it's a reason to be very dressy. My granny always said it's a sign of respect to the Lord to be well-groomed --- after all, you wouldn't have tea with the Queen or lunch with the President dressed in dingy old clothes, right? :p

    I've gone to church in jeans and a t-shirt and I've gone to church fully decked out --- remember it's God's house and he judges you on your heart and soul, and not what you are wearing. If people there are doing so, then they are the ones committing sin.

    Your bags are beautiful and part of *you*, right? Why change how and who you are *especially* at church? It comes down to your intentions: Is it to show off, or simply to enjoy your bags? I suspect it's the latter, so you have nothing to be ashamed of IMO ;)
  3. Your bags are extensions of your personal style, hence a part of the real 'you'. If you do not feel comfortable carrying them, why have them at all?

    Enjoy them and wear them out whenever you wish to do so.
  4. I have no problems carrying any designer bags to church. I normally dress like I work at Vogue when I go to church: nice bag, shoes, etc. I am in the house of the King of kings:love:
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  5. When I attend church, I do not bring a flashy designer bag. After all, you're there to worship, not show off or worry about fashion. Same with school, no flashy bags. I think in both places that you should be trying to be a part of a congregation, not to stand out as a result of a handbag. But I do live in an area where no churchgoer would have a LV or fancy bag, maybe a Coach (which is what I usually carry every day). If I were in an area where every churchgoer had a LV, it might be different, but probably not.
  6. I actually brought LV not only to church, but also to a funeral. Not a loud bag though.. :shrugs: :confused1: :sad:
  7. I don't get this whole self-inflicted guilt trip. I never feel uncomfortable carrying any bag I own- not in church, around poor people, rich people- whatever. It's mine, my business, no one else's......why in the world would ANYONE feel uncomfortable carrying a THING like a bag ?? It's just a THING- shouldn't matter how much it costs....... just my opinion.....
  8. If the people where you worship seem to pay a lot of attention to what you and others are wearing, and you are not comfortable with that, maybe check out some different houses of worship within your faith tradition (or outside of it - One is One is One) ;)

    It's not a bad thing to want to look your best when you "go to God's house," but "your best" is a very wide term that can range from neat and clean to "dressed to the nines," as another poster put it. That will be a purely personal thing, up to you, your style, your mood, your attitudes, opinions and beliefs, and ideally, the only person who will give the matter any thought or notice is you!
  9. Presumably God doesn't only see or pay attention to you while you are in church. So if you feel comfortable in God's eyes purchasing the bag and carrying it other places, then why would it concern you to bring it to church?

    But, like pp have mentioned, if the PEOPLE there are judgemental then that's another issue. You may want to seek a congregation where people do not judge one another (as that tends to be rather un-Christian, but typical to many groups who call themselves Christian).

    Or you may simply be more comfortable carrying different bags to church if you are determined to stay there. There are places I do not feel comfortable carrying a designer bag (especially a logo bag, which is why I've moved away from them), so I usually carry a leather bag that isn't as easily identifiable.
  10. ^ITA!!
    I will dress nice if Im gonna meet an important person, and God is beyond VVVVVIP.hehehe...
  11. Let people who judge judge. Wear what you like, carry what you like.

    If these parishioners are going to be as petty as to judge you on a material item, who needs them anyway? I can't stand do-gooders and hypocrites.

    Find a congregation who won't judge. That way you'll know you're in the right place.
  12. Amen!!! :smile:
  13. I'm actually really surprised by the comments on this thread - it tells me something about contemporary (I'm assuming primarily Christian practices) that I simply didn't know. My religious backgroud is primarily conservative (small, midwestern churches) where it is important that you dress a certain way to worship (respectfully and conservatively, logo bags would be out of place). People seem to be interpreting that as some sort of social snobbery, but think of all of the faiths in which worship and the faith itself requires a dress code. In many cases, it's considered to be respectful to God to set away material wealth or possessions to focus on worship. I'm not saying everyone sees the world the same way, but I wanted to put in a small plug for my point of view (and the view of the OP). There are devotional rationales for setting aside the handbags at church on Sunday that are not immediately hypocritical.
  14. this depends on your congregation. if you're in a small town church and you bring a monogrammed, expensive bag, people will gawk and probably judge you. i mean, they're Christian, but they're human, too, and humans are just judgmental like that. and, having been to many different churches in the past, i've noticed that every church has there popular pet peeve, some of which include "consumerism". if everybody in your church dresses like a monk, you probably don't want to stand out.

    and.. you probably want to think what effect this will have on your fellow church-goers. it's nice to think that we can do whatever the hell we want, and "just be ourselves"... but if you think how you dress, or what you carry, will distract other people from their worship experience, then maybe you should take that into consideration.

    i personally go to a HUGE church in nyc, the fashion capital where like half of the congregation is associated with the fashion industry (okok, i exaggerate a bit). so you see lots of expensive designer handbags and clothes.
  15. I only have designer bags so I carry them everywhere, funeral, parties, churches...I am not showing off my bags, its just a part of me.

    But I do wear somber looking Designer bags to funeral though.