How comfortable are Coach flats?

  1. I was wondering does anyone own a pair of Coach flats (any line, signature, legacy, etc.) because I plan to purchase a pair of signature flats, but when I tried them on they don't seem to be that comfy. Do I need to break them in?
  2. every flats that i had gotten from coach i had to return or sell from eBay because of the immense pain they caused my poor toes!!! i think some ppl have luck with it, some ppl dont.
  3. I have some and they are soo comfy. I don't recall if I had to break them in but I use them all the time, all the time.
  4. i had to break mine in, i have 3 pairs and I put the mole stuff on the back so I don't get blisters
  5. Maybe it depends on the shoe? I had to break in my loafers and my Nicolas (the ones with the snake skin), but have had no problems at all with my Janas (the ballet flats out last winter; I haven't stopped wearing them since getting them a few weeks ago).
  6. I've been wondering that too. I've been eyeing the legacy stripe flats but haven't tried them on because I've had bad experiences with flats....but they're so cute.
  7. That's funny you had no problem with your Janas--they're the only flats I didn't have a problem with either. I had to break in my Thoras and my other ones (forget the name, Cotte maybe?)
  8. i think the stiff flats are the problem.. the ones backed with some sort of cardboard or something.. like the legacy stripe flats... the ones that are more sneakery arent as uncomfortable