how comfortable are chanel flats?

  1. they all seem very structured and "stiff", people who own them, how comfortable are they? thanks
  2. depends on the flat
  3. You have to be more specific by what flats you are talking about...
  4. Mine are very comfortable, but it depends on the flat. YMMV.
  5. i saw a pair of blk patent toe on blk flat, w/ cc logo at the back. i could've remember wrong, but it had wooden outsole? and seemed quite narrow
  6. I have some that are flimsy leather, so soft, so comfortable. I have the new graffiti ones but since they're white and it's been cool here, I haven't worn them. I would suspect like all shoes the more they're broken in, the more comfy they are. I wouldn't hesitate to buy any of the ballet flats.
  7. I have the black/brown ballet flats with the logo on the toes. They are very comfortable...keep in mind the size runs different...I normally wear a 9 or a 39, my flats are a 39.5..I needed the extra room. I wore them all day on Saturday without a problem....
  8. ok, all the flats are amazing. the classic cap toe ones are really nice. the lambskin interior leather is like silk.

    the cambons (my fave look, but not for comfort) are ok. i have them in every color and at least one in each style. They are my fave look but not really for comfort.

    in the cambon, i found a little trick. i go up one size and use a nice cushiony insert. that makes it nices and cozy for me.

    i have not heard from many that their cambons are not comfy..this is just me.

    the new ballet flats with the elastic are nice too. i only have one pair of these. but they are really light on the feet.

    i also like chanel slides. i really like ones that are wooden sole with a shiny slippery finish. i like the way my feet feel when i slide into them.

    good luck!
  9. I have these and I love them!
    wore them to work every day last week :p


    I also had the elastic ones but they were way too narrow for my feet so I returned them :sad:
  10. i think the ones i saw which i liked are elasticized at the back

  11. I posted a pair last week that sound like what you are describing. They have elastic around the top and soft leather with patent toe. They are so comfortable! The soles are not wood, but kinda look that way in the pic. The are actually a rubber type material at the forefoot and a leather like material for the heel. In the past I have tried on the Cambon flats and did not like them at all. They were stiff and looked funny on my feet. In the Cambon I took a 40, but in these flats the 39 fit perfect. I got mine at NM, so maybe try there.
  12. i saw them at the toronto boutique, and was in a hurry, so didn't try them on, how much was yours? i think i remember them being $550CAD, does that sound about right? and did it come in any other colors when you bought yours? thanks so much
  13. The classic ballet flats are very stiff imo - I found them to be very uncomfortable.

    The elastic ballet flats I got and and had to return because they rubbed the back of my foot horribly. Too bad because they are so cute and comfortable otherwise....

    The cambon flats are suprisingly comfortable- they are like wearing slippers as that is what they pretty much are (they are not made to be worn outdoors)- I am sure some find them uncomfortable because they don't have much support.
  14. The elastic flats have a leather sole with rubber on top of the leather on the front of the sole. They have a small heel that has a rubberized CC logo inlaid in it.

    They are $550 for the lambskin w/patent cap toe and $575 for the all patent leather ones.
  15. I had Cambon flats (I sold them) and took them for a walk in and out of the house. I never wore them after that, but I think they were a tad too small. I needed literally like a 1/4 of an inch for them to be perfect. My toes were squished up at the top. But I got 80 percent of my money back for them though thank goodness.