How Come??

  1. I've been noticing this for some time now. Whenever I surf eBay, I often notice that some Birkin sellers called Porosus Crocodile as "baby crocodile". WHY do they do that? I mean, porosus crco is NOT baby croc, porosus is a type of croc ... It's extremely misleading for those who don't know.
  2. I agree. it makes it sound more exclusive but it's not true.
  3. well some of the resellers do not know as much as we do and even sometimes we know more than sa´s so i would they most do not do it on purpose
  4. I've seen several instances where it's done by sellers who had been selling authentic Hermes for several years so I think some (maybe not all) of these ppl do know that porosus is just another type of croc. I typically shy away from sellers who misname the desc on purpose.

    I remember that before I was more familiar with Hermes, I once asked my SA about baby croc and he gave me this really blank look. Boy did I feel like a moron:Push: .
  5. because they're stupid!:Push:
  6. if it was a baby Crocodile...wouldn't the scales be smaller??
    and people would notice?