How come?

  1. How come everytime I try to post it says "thread closed"?

    I posted pics of a Gucci, and it says "thread closed"?

    If I'm not posting in the right spot where do you post? The site is very confusing - when you click on authenticate this - there are several sections with different bags, but when you click into one of those, it also says thread closed?

    HELP? :cursing::wtf:
  2. If you want to authenticate a Gucci, you can go to the Sticky! at the top of this page under "Authenticate This Gucci." That thread is closed, but there is a link in there that you can click, and it will take you to the right section. The other way is to go through the Gucci subforum. This applies to all the brands that have a separate subforum. If there isn't a subforum for a brand, you can post it in this section. Welcome!