How come this YSL Downtown doesn't have the zippers?

  1. previous season (cruise maybe? not sure) were deerskin (softer) and did not have the front pocket or zippers. I'm not sure, but the deerskin version may have been made along with the buffalo calf this current season. But the deerskins don't have the zippers or front pocket.
  2. it is the cruise deerskin.. they are also lined completely in suede, which is gorgeous. The spring bag with the pocket is buffalo & only lined at the top in suede.
    They both have their nicer points... don't know yet which one I'd pick:hrmm:
  3. ^ they are right - the ones without the zippers are made of deerskin. it's VERY soft! it's a tough call on which version to go with. i kind of prefer the stiffness of the buffalo, though the deerskin feels so good to touch. ;)

    the interior suede lining of the deerskin one is also great to touch also.

    in a way, i prefer the look of the downtown without zippers bc it makes the bag look more classy, whereas the zippers gives that bag and edgy look to it.
  4. Thanks a lot for the explanation, that really helps a lot :smile:

    At first I wasn't sure if it was a mistake on the picture or what, but this explains it all :smile:
  5. i thought they all had suede lining??

    the only one that i know of for sure that has satin is the patent. :hrmm:
  6. The newer spring downtowns with the zipper pocket have about 4 inches of suede at the top of the lining & the rest is a canvas material. Not as scrumptious but it does give the bag a bit more backing to hold it's shape.:cool: