How come the Vinyl Cabas was only $995 and the Rocks are way more?

  1. My medium Vinyl Rock cost $1695 not including tax. How come only just a year ago the Vinyl Cabas, which was a way bigger bag, only cost $995? Even the small Rock is $1195...and this has nothing to do with price increases. Anyone know why? Is it cuz my Rock has quilting? :confused1:
  2. i think it has everything to do with price increases. they just want to make chanel more expensive. if they brought the vinyl cabas out again this year, it'd definitely be over $1000.
  3. size really makes no difference (with bag prices, that is :p) nor does the material make a huge difference unless we're talking about exotics. workmanship is the primary cost, which is why sometimes teeny tiny bags cost more than huge bags. the original cabas is a pretty simple bag to make -- the rock is more involved. i think with even the price increase, the rock would be more expensive.
  4. THat's a good point. I think the structure of the Vinyl Cabas was easier to make cause it's just two big slabs of vinyl put together and held together by the chain. Whereas the rock it mirrors the design on the Chanel classic flaps minus the quilting. :smile:

    What I thought was weird is that last year I bought my Eastwest in CAVIAR LEATHER for $1,095 and also purchased the non-leather ROCK this year but for $1,195. Again different looks as vinyl/patent leather is making a comeback.

    So all the results of trend, fashion, currency exchange and inflation!
  5. another case in point: the reissue wallet (which is about the same size as the small classic flap), costs $1430 -- HELLO!
  6. Oh yeah that makes sense about the cabas. Just two sides of vinyl slabbed together haha. I never did see the vinyl cabas in person. Well no I take that back. I did see a woman at the market a couple weeks ago wearing it. But I never actually tried it on or felt it.
  7. I would think it has everything to do with the price increases... if the cost of all of their other goods are going up, why would they keep these lower just because they are a newer bag?

    Anyway, I don't think nearly as much went in to making the cabas. No offense to the Cabas lovers but the thing was basically a vinyl sack. This has more structure, more detailing and such so IMHO, I can also see, even from that perspective why it would be more money.