How come the US...

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  1. Hermes website has at lot more items for sale than the UK (or even the French) one?

    On the US site you can even buy some bags (granted, not full leather ones but the duffle and tote) plus those cute keyrings of pegasus etc.

    No fair!!!:nogood:

    Living up in Scotland (where there's only one Hermes outlet through in Glasgow - and it's part of Frasers so not even a full size store), it's nice to see the new scarves on the website but would be better if we could get the same number of items as the US citizens can!!:rolleyes:
  2. Funny you say that! We in the US complain that you folks on the continent have more items on your website than on ours. I guess a case of the grass is always greener..........................
  3. :woohoo: There isn't even a website to serve Asia.
  4. ^^ Exactly!
  5. But there are many more stores in Europe and Asia than in the US! I have to FLY to visit one. Thank goodness I got lucky enough to start a relationship with a kind SA on my last vacation. But all my shopping is over the phone. Not exactly fun but it gets the job done and furthers my SA relationship for the next visit to see her in March 2008.
  6. Though it's funny - when I was trying to find a scarf, the SA in Glasgow couldn't find one in Europe (either on their computer system or phoning Paris) but through this site I managed to track one down at a Neiman Marcus Store over in the states and get it shipped over. :yahoo:
  7. OK, I'm neutraal, because I don't live in Europe or the US.....IMO the French website usually has more stock than the US site. The bags on the US site are a new thing...have only been there a little while.

    The solution is, get a US mailing address. I did, and I just order from the US site and have them ship it to me that way!
  8. ^^Whoa- when did the US website start getting GPTs? :nuts:
  9. :confused1: Out of curiosity, which website would you buy from if you were to purchase a garden party bag? The Hermes website sells it for full price whereas sells the same bags for 10-15% off the retail (I'm assuming that bluefly is selling authentic bags since they would not want to jeopardize their business).