How come the same handbags disappear & then re-appear again on NM last call website?

  1. there are the same isabella fiore's that show up and disappear then show up again. How does that happen?

    Is it because the item was returned or credit card didn't go through or did they just make a mistake?

    Can you return an item that fast that it re-appears a day or two later?
  2. You can order items and cancel anytime in your web history account as long as a cancel button is available. The cancel option for an order is usually available for a couple of hours (sometimes a couple of days).
  3. somebody needs to cancel the black juicy bowler bag so i can buy it! :p

  4. made my night!!! That is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. No, they do it just to mess with us consumers! They know we watch the items and it hurts them to sell it at such a low price. They hide all the great items when it's time to take the additional % off and bring it back at a higher "sale" price... as if we won't know better!

    *Okay, I'm done ranting... You can tell I've just been thru some retail drama, right? LOL!
  6. haha :shame: thanks! yw! :p I really want that bag haha I decided i had the extra money, i didnt last night though :p
  7. im going to refresh until someone is nice enough to cancel, and let me snatch it up and buy it haha I do this when i goto stores for sales and there is one left of something i want and somebody picks up right before i doi wait patiently, stare at it, and hope that they put it back. thats how i got my coach bag from the outlet haha

  8. If I see it, I'll buy it and PM you so that you can grab it up when I cancel it. Having done that on numerous occasions, I have found that it works!! My only concern would be them shipping the darned thing out to me b4 I can contact you.
  9. ^^ I did that once at a NM store. Someone picked up two sale MJ bags, I figured she'd choose one and put the other back. I stalked her for over half an hour, watching her look at herself in the mirror and trying on the bags. She ended up buying both of them. :wtf:

  10. If you watch both NM and BG at the same time, you will see them moving bags between the two sites. That really jerks my chain.

  11. I've seen that bag off and on over the past two days! I'll keep my eyes open for you too!
  12. You're awesome :yes:
  13. I just snapped this up. I love it. It's by Leatherock.

  14. Cute! Was that from NM?