How Come The Purse Style Is So Hard To Find?

  1. I just love this B bag! I seen the pale pink up for auction but I want it in another colour. How come it is so hard to find this style 'PURSE'?

    Thanks Linda Marie:hysteric:
  2. i think it's harder to find because the style's not as popular as some others & they probably didn't produce as many's been officially discontinued now, so they'll be an even rarer commodity...i think they look awesome on tall, curvy girls (not moi :p)...good luck with your search!!!
  3. I believe NM LV still has a truffle purse.

    I have an ink purse and I like the way it looks on me -- I'm medium height and not all that curvy.
  4. What is the depth of this bag? I know the L and H?
  5. I would say two to three inches.
  6. i don't think it's too hard to find...
    they popped out on eBay quite often
  7. hear hear
  8. I think one of the big reasons that they are not as popular is because they don't have a shoulder strap. But I love the look of them and I am bummed that they are discontinuing them just when I started into B-bags and I am on a purse ban. :banned:
  9. I love the purse style mainly because it can be worn on the shoulders
  10. Linda Marie, I'm not sure but I think one of our PFers will be listing a yummy bordeaux purse soon ;) Be on the look out for it :graucho:
  11. There is a beautiful greige purse on eBay right now. Check the achtung thread. :smile:
  12. I second alabama. They just aren't produced in great numbers, stores ordered fewer of them because they aren't as popular - hence here are fewer of them to be found overall.
  13. you know, i still miss my miss emerald purse & i actually woke up the day after i sold her in tears :crybaby: