How come the Legacy Shoulder Bag gets the cold "shoulder"?

  1. All the other gorgeous Legacy styles get fabulous names...there is Lily, Gigi, Leigh, Ali, Mandy, and so on. We need to come up with a name for the iconic Shoulder bag so she no longer feels slighted. How about Addison or Mariah...
  2. I have an 06 Legacy shoulder in Pond and love it! I wondered why some bags have names and some don't!
  3. It always seemed to me that the more expensive bags are the ones that get "named."
  4. But even Carly and Julia have names and they are cheaper than the ShHoulder bag!
  5. I think it is because it is a style that is re-designed every year, just a guess
  6. Yes, but Carly is a collection name, like Chelsea, whereas the shoulder bag is part of the Legacy collection. Julia is from the Legacy Thompson collection and retails for $498 - the shoulder bag was $100 less than that. I am not saying that price is the only factor in why bags get names but I am sure it has a lot to do with it.
  7. Yeah, good points. I'll give it up and just let my shoulder bag remain nameless.
  8. How come the Legacy Shoulder Bag gets the cold "shoulder"?

    that is so cute
  9. you can name her yourself ! what color is she ? Why not, people name cars and boats !
  10. lol I totally agree.. infact the other day my hubby was calling it Brandy because he said it was Mandy's little sister!!!! :roflmfao:
  11. I have the 2006 version in black now and have been stalking the same style in whiskey on eBay...

    Hmmm...I think Brandy totally fits!! Especially for the whiskey color...that is too cute!!
  12. I know, I thought it was pretty cute! :p They have hit the outlets now so see if you can get one then, or eBay should be getting a lot of them coming up and I am sure prices will come down :okay:
  13. I already make the LONG trek to my outlet and they had NONE! I have been scouring eBay, but knowing how much fellow tPFers are paying for them at the outlets (including you, lucky duck), I refuse to pay much if any over $200. I may just have to wait until the 07's start going on sale!!
  14. What is really amazing to me is how much people were paying for them on eBay 6-8 months ago. If I remember correctly, these bags were going for somewhere in the $600 range! :huh:
  15. Yeah - I remember that!! And the reason for that is b/c people truly thought they were SOLD OUT. I tried getting one this summer and Coach CS told me they were ALL GONE in every color!! I picked up my black one (barely used) for about $300 since the whiskey price was outrageous.