How come the Gucci stores do not have what I want?

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  1. I am hoping you guys can explain this....I went to the Vegas Gucci store last summer and I wanted a large horsebit hobo in either monogram or leather....they didn't have any and when I look in depratment stores I hardly see any either, except for the ones that are out in the *current collection*. For example, I would love a tan one like the one posted in the Gucci collection post....or even similar to just seems like they are hard to find. Any advice? THX!!!!
  2. colleenco, i say contact the nearest gucci boutique located by you and have them do some leg work in tracking down the exact bag that you are looking for. i'm certain they can do some type of inventory check on their systems to track what boutique location has your bag available in stock. good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Thanks for your advice. So you think these bags are still *out there* and it's just a matter of them tracking them down for me if a particular boutique doesn't have it? That would be nice if so....thanks again!
  4. Just recently, a lovely PFer here came across a Fendi Spy in a discontinued and one of the most wanted/ sold out colors (petrol) at Bergdorf Goodman. If there was any chance in that happening, I think you have a chance to find your large horsebit hobo in tan leather or monogram canvas. Try the Gucci boutiques and dept stores-Good luck!
  5. Have you tried ordering from
  6. Ya know what, I was on there today and saw they have a lot of different horsebit hobos! I didn't think they yea, thx for that rec!
  7. they are on backorder 6-8 weeks from what gucci has told me.
  8. Oh that's good to know. I wish I could see all the colors and sizes in person but their are no Gucci boutiques near me and when I go to Vegas I can go to the one there but last yr I wasn't impressed with that store.
  9. why dont u just place ur order online at
  10. ^^If I order that will prob be what I do. However, I would def like to see all the colors and styles in person to help make that decision.
  11. I tought horsebit hobos were a quite common style, I bought mine at a tiny gucci-butique at copenhagen airport, and I think I saw several in there alone. Oh well, good luck finding the type you're looking for :smile:
  12. there is the coolest black one with zebra horsebit....