How come none of you told me that the Kelly was so great??

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  1. The first H bag that I ever tried was a 35 Kelly in chevre and unfortunately it just didn't work for me. Now thinking back, I realize that it wasn't that I just wasn't a Kelly girl, it was that this particular bag combo didn't work for me!
    Since then I've bought a black sellier box in 28 and I just love it for dinner out...I also love the look of it with jeans and can't wait to get a canvas strap for it.
    I also just got a 32 clemence retourne. Although this was not love at first sight, after wearing it for a week, I am smitten!

    So, my so called pf sisters, why didn't any of you tell me the Kelly was so great??

    J/K ...many of you told me to give it a whirl!
  2. What a relief :sweatdrop: Well it's about time, Rocker :woohoo:. Couldn't you take a hint from all the "Kelly" threads??? :roflmfao:
    I'm glad you found a new love :heart:
  3. :lol:..I am a very slow learner!!! I am also the poster child of or making lots of Hermes mistakes. Luckily I am also very persistent and keep on trying!
    right now I love every single Hermes bag I have.
    ...but the hard part is I still want more and it is very hard to stick to Mr Rocker's silly one in, one out rule!:p
  4. Rocker, I know how you feel - I've recently re-fallen in love with my Kellys, so much so I decided I didn't have a well-rounded assortment and.....well, I think you know how that goes LOL!

    Mine are all box but one - a recent etoupe swift purchase from a dear member :heart: - I would recommend swift for your next Kelly purchase - smooth like box, hardier, does very well in the rain, very sensual to the touch - really lovely!

    How do you like clemence? I nearly went for that leather....(maybe next time - a LONG next time from now!)

    Hey, we want to see that baby - where's a pic??
  5. RC.... I did!!!
  6. RC, I am so happy to hear you are loving the Kelly!:yahoo: Your box one is simply to die for and when did you get the clemence one?! Do tell!!!:nuts:
  7. I'm sure you have so many half-sisters :p. I'm one of them :drinkup: basically learning from my mistakes only...and loving every one of them in Hermes!
    Mr Am won't let me sell any single one of my Hermes which makes it harder and harder to get another one every time *sigh*.
  8. You are the poster model for the Kelly!! Your style and Rocker's are so different - but that just proves how versatile the Kelly is!!:yahoo:
  9. RC, a kelly bag is so classic and so glad you like kellys!

    I am a kelly gal since I've known H...
  10. Rockerchic,
    My impression is that the kelly bag is a completely different bag in every size and style, eg, a 25 sellier is a completely different bag (look, feel) from a 32 retourne. Which is why I think its hard to figure out if you like the kelly bag, because its really a question of which one. I am still trying to figure that out myself! You made great choices, too.
  11. I'm glad you love the Kelly in the end !!!
    It gives me hope !!!

    I've tried a Sellier 32cm, I loved it on the shelf, the size was great with my frame...but it doesn't really worked for for me : too classic for my style :sad:.
    The Birkin matches better with my casual outfit...
    But now, I'm thinking to a Retourné now as my 3rd H :graucho:...
  12. LMAO!!!!!!! We DID tell you! ROCKER!!!!! SO glad you went for the Clemence....which color did you buy?????
  13. Kate, I think I know why there is a box have it all! :smile: I would like to try swift some day and have been toying with a 30 birkin but maybe the Kelly is the way to go.
    I have to take a good picture of my Kellys on their own but here are some modeling shots.
    IMG_3408_1.JPG IMG_3232_1.JPG
  14. What fabulous news that you're loving the 32cm Retourne Kelly, Rockerchic. It is such a fantastic combo, IMO. I think many of us have shortlisted our best combos as 28cm Sellier and 32cm Retourne for best of proportions and usability!

    May we now have a modelling shot or a few pleasssssseeeee? Better still, in your fab wardrobe! :p:flowers:
  15. Slow learner!:noggin:

    As Merika said, our styles are so different that I didn't think I could get it right! The Kelly is so perfect on you!:heart: