How Come No One Told Me?!

  1. That Coach stores in Canada are now selling their stuff at US prices?! :O
  2. I just found out yesterday!!! My friend lives in Toronto and told me! Im soo glad! Unfortunately, there is no Coach store where I live. The closest place we have that sells Coach is Holt Renfrew
  3. :yes:

    It really helps doesn't it ? I think they changed this over a while ago.
  4. Do you guys know if Holts has lowered their prices too?
  5. I went to Coach at Sherway Gardens last Thursday and I also went to Holt to see if they had changed the prices as well, but unfortunately the prices are still the same. :tdown:Your better of buying at the Coach store. While I was there, I bought a Hamptons Signature Skinny Mini and a Hamptons Signature Small Wristlet (both in Silver/Khaki/Mahogany).

    Now I'm debating whether I should get the Hamptons Signature Satchel or both the Hamptons Signature Small Hobo & the Ergo Pebbled Leather Small Hobo (since all the prices are now the US prices)
  6. How do the prices compare? Is it a big difference?
  7. Ugh.
  8. Well yeah, the difference is pretty visible. But even still, we have to pay 13% sales tax.