How come no one likes the part time??

  1. you may all remember how i want to get my first one in white...either a city or a part time and everyone voted for a city...why doesnt anyone like the part time. I love big bags and i kinda like how in the pic it looks a bit longer....does anyone own one that could put up pics???

    i mean theres gotta be a reason everyone wants a city right??
  2. I tried it on once at Barneys and it makes me look like a cross "t" as it's pretty long horizontally and I'm only 5'6" size 2, I think it's just personally perference:0)
  3. I tried it on and its too long for me. The bag looks unbalanced, IMO.

    I'd rather buy Twiggy than Partime.

  4. hmm same size as me....anyone have one?
  5. Same exact reason I don't own one. It is too long, IMO.
  6. good question....
  7. regarding bag sizes, i wouldn't mind carrying something like the weekender if I'm actually traveling on the road, but I would feel strange carrying something like that or even a work or part time out running errands or going out, I look like a fugitive on the run, lol:sweatdrop:
  8. IMO it's unbalanced too, to long but on the other hand to short. It doesn't look porportional to me and it looks funny when worn with the strap.
  9. TOO LONG. One of my friends got one, she hated it, returned it. I tried it and it just looked weird on me. Maybe you have to be really tall or something, but this style just looked terrible on me. :crybaby:
  10. I have a grenat one and I am 5'4" 125lbs.. I love mine! Here's a pic.
  11. I have the Blue India Part-time & I've been using it most of the time lately...
    I love the size & that little bit of extra room as my favorite b'bag has always been the City. I am 5'9" but pretty skinny, about 115, it might be easier to carry if you are tall. I've read quite a few posts where girls feel it's "unbalanced' but for me it's easier to get into with the extended zip top like a city bag than the Twiggy's opening. Don't get me wrong... I have a Twiggy & like it but I find the Part-time more comfortable.
  12. don't really like the proportions...might look good on you though! Don't let us distract you from what *you* like :smile:
  13. Too long for me
  14. it's too long for me too :p
    as well as the twiggy's too long for me
  15. I do! :smile: It is a little long but still feels right when worn--just a nice larger bag than the City...IMO ;)