How come no one has mentioned this Turquoise First?!

  1. OK, I know it looks suspect because of the low starting price and that there is just one picture and she only has 1 feeback but I'm not sure this person knows what she has.

    I asked for pictures of the front and back of tag, rivets, and bales and they all look great!!! This might be a good opportunity for someone!

    I'll post the pics she sent me later, for now I have to get ready for work :sad2:
  2. And Bag hunter has mentioned this bag on her site!!! So it must be legit:biggrin:
  3. I saw it, it's pretty :love: Hope someone here gets it!
  4. Didnt HelenNZ want a Turquoise First? I think someone else did too
  5. is it really authentic?? pls post the other pics of the bag. thanks :smile:
  6. Here are the pics. Someone has to get this, starting bid only $400. HelenNZ where are you!!!!
    tagfront.jpg tagback.jpg rivet2.JPG balefirst.jpg
  7. Shame he doesn't ship outside the US.
  8. I have had this on my watchlist since about 2 hours after she listed it. She doesn't want to do a buy it now- I asked already .:biggrin: She was very friendly though! Def. will be watching it. I love this color but I'm almost think it would be smaller than I like..
  9. AmourN20 was looking too, I think
  10. I like the turquoise 2005 in the first size! it's very cute and very practical. i use mine everyday and if i need a bigger bag than i just use my other city size colors.
  11. Does anyone know the dimensions of this bag? I think I may take a run at it...
  12. Measures 7.5 in x 13 in x 2.5 in
  13. I have a feeling PFers are gonna bid against each other on this one lol
  14. why isn't anyone bidding on this bag? i see just one bid out there...
  15. :lol: :lol: :lol: 'prolly true!