How come most shoe sales people are all men?

  1. I just realized that almost all shoe sales people are men at all the big department stores like Macy's, Nordstroms, etc and I was wondering why that is?

    It actually makes me feel uncomfortable to shop there, I would actually feel more comfortable if I had a woman helping me out, I just feel weird with all those men around... lol It makes me feel uncomfortable and like I can't browse comfortably.

    I was trying to look for a female sales associate but there were none!
    Do stores think that women prefer male sales people? Because I don't, it's actually a deterrent to me buying something, I'd rather go home and log onto Zappos and get some shoes on-line then have to deal with the throng of salesmen.

    Does anyone know why most are all men? I just wondered what the reason was behind stores putting a higher ratio of men than women in the shoe department? Is it because more men apply because they want to meet women? Or is it because they think that's what makes women want to buy more? (Cause once again, for me, it makes me NOT want to buy something). What is the reasoning for such a high number of men as shoe sales associates?

    Might sound like a weird question but after going to the mall looking for some shoes it was just something that was so noticeable to me.
  2. I was just saying that to my husband. we went to Saks to look at CLs and most of the salesfolks were men and were much more helpful and professional than the women.

    It made me think of "Married With Children."
  3. hey i rather have a man touching my feet anyday than a woman:graucho: Almost has the cinderella effect when they help you put the shoe on. Heck come to think of it most shoe designers are men.
  4. Creighbaby - that is so funny because I thought the same thing before I read your post, Al Bundy selling cheap shoes to fat ladies on Married with Children.

    Jackie, I agree with your observation, but I do believe that male SAs actually provide better customer service than female SAs (or at least in my experience). I have actually noticed that most shoe SAs that I work with are gay men (with the exception of maybe one).
    I think that I will ask one of my male SAs this question next time.
  5. Fetishists? :roflmfao:

    Actually, I've always thought it was because there were so few men in the other sections in department stores (lingerie for example) and stores were trying to diversify.
  6. Haha! I never really paid attention, but come to think of it you are right. I wonder why that is.

  7. I don't. I don't like anyone touching my feet actually, I just find it weird. I can put my own shoes on. I definitely don't any strange men, gay or not, touching my feet or looking at my feet. It gives me the creeps.

    I wouldn't want a woman to touch my feet either. Putting shoes on is not complicated, it's something I'd rather do myself.
  8. I've wondered about that myself. I would rather have a woman shoe SA.
  9. I have noticed a lot more men selling shoes than males selling in other departments, but I do see a lot of females in the shoe departments too. Also, a lot of the men selling shoes seem to be gay. It's never really bothered me either way though. I just want a friendly and helpful sales person.
  10. I think it is considered good customer service when a sales associate puts shoes on your feet. But if it bothers you, you can just let them know.
  11. I would think it was weird if a woman put shoes on my feet.
  12. Wow. Nobody actually puts the shoes on your feet here.

    It usually goes like this: walk in, find the shoes you want, search for an SA for 5 minutes so they can get your shoes, wait another 5 minutes for them to come back. They hand you the shoes and walk away. Repeat the process and wait another 10 minutes if you need a different size. It is incredibly frustrating, which is why I buy almost all my shoes online...
  13. I don't really like them putting them on my feet either. Makes me think of when my mom used to take me shoe shopping as a kid.
  14. lol...i don't feel funny in anyway...they just get the shoes
  15. This sounds kind of bad but, I would listen to the fashion sense of a gay male SA than a female SA. I guess it's because they are sterotyped to have a great fashion sense (no matter what they themselves are wearing). I usually ask stylish SAs for assistance so to play it "safe" I look for gay SA b/c he won't try to ask for my telephone number after he makes the sale (like some straight SAs), sell me any shoe to make comission (like some female SAs).