how come let-trade...

  1. doesn't sell any bags with the dustbag? if you look at the pages it says "DUST BAG NOT INCLUDED" -- even on items that are/were new at the time sold. how come?
  2. I think sometimes they do come with a dustbag! Maybe because their items are pre-owned, and people sometimes don't take care of their items.
  3. yeah, i really don't know. all the ones i saw said it wasn't included. although i didn't check them
  4. Just email first and ask them. I have purchased bags from them and have received the dustbags with them. Never hurts to ask. :smile:
  5. Their description is more like a template. Most of the times their bags do come with dust bag. Just email them and ask if you want to be sure.
  6. Mine came with a dustbag -they offered it - just ask and I'm sure they will try to do their best :smile: I love LT :love:
  7. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    I emailed them a few times and most of their items do come with dustbags. :smile:
  8. I got one with a dustbag...and I got one without. I think it depends, but most should come with a dustbag. I'm guessing that bags with a cheaper price point (such as monogram pochettes, small leather goods) are less likely to get a dustbag versus those at higher price points (LE items, Suhali, or large/medium bags).
  9. I ordered a speedy from the last week and it didnt have the dust bag or lock and key with it but I emailed him and for $15 he included them with the shipment.
  10. If they don't come with dustbags, you could always go to your nearest boutique and ask for one! ;)
  11. i've emailed let-trade about that before, and they replied by saying that if i purchase a bag, to let them know, and they will include one. they are so nice!
  12. They do include them sometimes. Albeit for my lexington I got a dustbag that could fit a BH.
  13. I'm sure if you ask them they will include it
  14. My bag came with one, you just have to ask.
  15. i just bought a bag from them and i forgot to ask for a dustbag. i haven't received it yet but hopefully, it has a dustbag. if not, i'll follow John's suggestion, to go to the store and ask for one :p

    @John, will the store SA give a Louis Vuitton box as well? I bought my speedy 30 from LV store in Galleria but the SA just put it in the LV dustbag and shopping bag, no box. I'd like a box for my speedy 30, hope they'll give me one if i show my receipt :shrugs: