How come I keep getting booted out?

  1. Vlad or Megs... I will be crusing TPF and all of a sudden I get booted out stating my search engine doesn't recognize this as a site and then does a search on similar sites? I can hit the back button and then I am rerouted back to my previous TPF page. I am just confused on what is happening? I have AVG running all the time as well as spybot and adaware. Any guidance would greatly be appreciated. It only happens here on TPF, no where else:confused1:
    Thanks in advance, Ghost:flowers:
  2. I'm not sure if this is related, but tPF has been running EXTREMELY slow for me tonight. I'm not having problems viewing any other sites.
  3. me too
  4. We are approaching 200,000 unique users today, our servers are having a difficult time handling so many requests. We're trying our best to keep it up and running!
  5. Thanks Vlad!:yes:
  6. I figured there were too many of us on here last night! The pages took forever to load up and sometimes they just wouldn't. I ended up surfing through TPF smoothly after midnight. Thanks Vlad, for letting us know the problem!
  7. Wondered why TPF is sometimes slower than other sites as well, so great to be able to come here and find answers, thanks!!:smile:
  8. It has been running pretty quick for me the past few days... hope it has been for all of you too!
  9. ^^yes me too Megs...thank you!
  10. i had that problem, but it was bc an ad site was loading itself in the same window as the PF post i was reading. i fixed the problem by reporting the site (the ad, not tPF) as a phishing site, and it hasn't happened since.