How come I can't find bbags on aloha rag?!

  1. I can never find where everyone clicks to buy bbags on that site!
  2. They don't have them listed on the site, but you can email them and ask about what they have in stock.
  3. AR will not post it on their website...pls send their email directly for stock availability or contact them....:smile:
  4. you have to email them to purchase online, they dont have bbags in their directory. the store is amazing and the SAs so sweet though that I rec calling in! ;)
  5. Oh ok I get they have better prices...?
  6. No, they are retail as far as the ones I have asked about. somebody earlier did post a thing where you could get 3% off. I'll see if I can find it.
  7. Same prices, but no tax and free shipping over $500 if its to the US (and you don't live in Hawaii). Free FedEx 2nd Day Air.

    They are super sweet there, just describe to them exactly what sort of leather you prefer.