How come I can't find any Legacy in stores?

  1. We went out to the mall yesterday and I checked out Macy's, Nordstrom's and the Coach store and I couldn't find any Legacy leather shoulder bag at all! Is it just a style limited to the website or certain botiques? I wanted to try it out in person:sad:
  2. Which style were you looking for? My Dillards and Macys don't have any legacy leather but Nordstroms and every Coach store I've been in have legacy leather. Are you looking for a particular style?
  3. Just the Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag (style 11127). I have one in signature but I have never seen just the leather in the stores I visited yesterday.
  4. When I went to Macy's in Ala Moana yesterday, they had the clay shoulder bag and Gigi on sale for 25% off. Maybe it just depends on the store?

    I really want the clay shoulder bag, but I have so many bags already that the only way I'll let myself get one is at a great discount. And 25% off Hawaii retail is only 5% off mainland retail.
  5. i know that not all boutiques carry legacy bags because i have 2 coach stores near is smaller and only carries the newer lines that come out and the other one is huge and carries everything including legacy and depends on the boutique
  6. Drilldown isn't bringing up any under that number. I was going to look at it to see if I remembered seeing it on Fri. or Sat.
  7. Well my store has a LOT of these. I didn't realize that all stores didn't carry the legacy leather.