how come I can't access MarketPlace?

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  1. How come I can't access MP? Something about my account doesn't permit? Anybody know what I can do about it? thanks! :blink:
  2. Because you weren't approved?
  3. oh, i feel so do i get approval?
  4. Read the instructions in that link I posted and go from there! :yes:
  5. THANKS ROO! i don't think i've been a member long enough...but i have posted alot of stuff. =(
  6. Give it a try, and if you don't get in now, you'll be in eventually!!!

    PS: Ignore the trolls
  7. btw roo, do you know how i can get my profile picture to show up under my member name like yours? or is it there and I can't see it.
  8. When you go under your CP, there should be a place that says "upload avatar" or something like that.
  9. ok, i uploaded a picture already, but it doesn't show. weird.
  10. YAY! I uploaded it incorrectly before, to the profile picture. thanks roo!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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