How colorful is your collection?

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  1. After looking at my bags and determining that I had way too many black chanel classic/reissue style bags I decided to add color lately. I added red and orange.:wlae:

    It really helped liven things up. Its so easy to fall for the black bag over and over.

    So far I have:

    black silver,
    winter white
    and orange!

    Im thinking that violet would have been a nice addition!
  2. I have:

    1 Beige
    1 Dark Red
    1 Stark White
    1 Eggshell White
    2 Black
    1 Olive
    1 Pink

    I'd love to get a Luxury crackled patent bowler in royal/navy blue.....I love the idea of purple but not sure it would work with my clothing colors - I don't think I own any clothes in purple.
  3. I also have too many black bags. All my Chanel bags are black except for my grey reissue, tan/black cambon flap tote, brown patent vintage style bag, and brown GT. I need to add some color into my collection.
  4. i used to have colorful collection. thanks to balencaigas. but now taht i sold most of them.... i am left with mostly black chanel bags....
  5. The majority of my collection is pink. I need to get more neutrals. My next bag HAS to be white.
  6. I have in leather Chanels:
    2 blacks (gold h/w and silver h/w
    pink :heart:
    the new Cotton Club blue

    in non-leather:
    black (Vinyl Coco Cabas)
    beige Precious Symbols
    pastel print baby animal flap (mainly pink and blue, with yellow, green, white,
    blue jean denim :supacool:

    have red, lilac, metallic blackish gray in other brands
    would love a coral Chanel in leather
  7. After looking at these lists, I need to buy more bags.

    Black, Navy, Grey and Beige.
  8. Man, i need more bags.

    2 black
    1 white
    1 yellow
  9. Definitely, not colorful enough. Like Michele, I tend to always go for the black bags. Even when I go for another color, it is a neutral (brown, beige, white, grey, token non-neutral). This year I do plan on getting the red classic.
  10. I have:
    2 brown
    5 black
    1 red
    1 blue
    and soon 2 more reds (maybe)
  11. Mostly blacks, some brown and one deep navy.
  12. Hmmm... there's pink, coral, navy patent, beige, brown, red, black, light beige, gold, dark silver, bronze, etc... if you count the metallics as colors haha, I guess some! I absolutely love the coral, and I gravitate towards brown and bronze colors a lot, which I think best compliment my skintone and wardrobe. :smile: I would love orange, patent would be yummy!! :drool:

  13. I'm a neutral girl too looking to add color. I have 4 black, 2 beige, 1 bronze and 1 brown. Adding blue when the new Cotton Club tote arrives soon.
  14. I have PLENTY of colorful bags...they're just not Chanels, they're Balenciagas:p All of my Chanel bags are black......:shame: (so far)
  15. I only have black, navy, and white Chanel bags.... I am thinking of red for my next bag though.:heart: