How cold is it where you live?

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  1. Here in Wisconsin, it's -2. It's practically a heatwave compared to the previous temperatures of -12 with a windchill of -30 or so. I've barely left my house and I feel fat since I haven't been out running since Monday.

    Minnesota and North Dakota people, feel free to pop in and convince me that it could be worse. Lol.
  2. OH MY, that's cooooooold. I'm living in CA here and it hasn't really been that cold recently, now, that's kinda bad for us water-wise b/c we'll probably have a water shortage in the spring time :sad:, not good, not good. But i think it has reached up to mid 70's the past week...CRAZY, i know.
  3. Over where I am in NorCal (I'm a little up north from where you are aquablueness) it's been very warm here. Clear blue skies and lots of sunshine. Temps are usually in the mid 60's but feels like mid-70's. Especially today. I was at the mall and a repair guy came into the Coach store and said "Only 74 degrees" after the SA's complained it was hot. But boy it was hot as heck in the mall.

    It was hot on the way home too. Pretty odd for such a usually cold season. I guess we're just lucky. It's been unusually warm here ever since last Fall. A couple years ago we've been getting some nasty storms, freezing weather and power outages. This is the first time we've gotten so much sunshine and barely any rain (although we've gotten quite a few fog in the mornings).
  4. I'm in So. Calif....and it's been in the low 80s here. Nice out, but wish it was somewhat cold. :rolleyes:

    It's supposed to rain next wk...but apparently it'll be more on the warm side type the high 60s - low 70s. Hmm....we'll see what happens..We need the rain that's for sure! :yes:
  5. The last two days have been frigid in western Kentucky. 3 degrees in the morning and 19 for the day time high. It's going to warm up into the 30's in the next day or so.
  6. Its been hot here during the day. Around 70 degrees. But at night it gets cold, about 40-45 degrees.
  7. right now it's about 20' outside...
  8. 14oC (58 F) right now and sunny, I think I'll go shopping, it's a lovely day. It rained all day yesterday.
  9. I'm freezing! Yesterday's low in Philadelphia was 5 and our high was 18. Today is only supposed to be a little better. I'd rather have snow or a blizzard so I don't have to drive children around to sports and other activities! They're saying maybe Monday we will have accumulating snow. We haven't had any this winter so far!
  10. i'm in the bay area and it seems that right before and around christmas, it was colder than is has been in years. with actual snow on the berkeley hills! that's a feat!

    now it's far WARMER than is has been in januarys passed. it's insane!

    70's a few days back, 60's today.
  11. Yesterday the low in N. Indiana was -19 and -36 with the windchill and the high was like 0. In 115 years there have only been 9 days colder.

    Anyhow, it's all relative. I checked my hometown of Winnipeg earlier this week and they were -54 with the windchill and -48 without (celcius).

    What sucks is that Fairbanks, Alaska is 49 degrees WTF!!! How can I be colder than Alaska in January????

    The weather guy said it's some weird freaky thing that is making the eastern part of the US really cold.

    Man, only 4 months and 1 day until I move to Miami...thank goodness!
  12. -6 yesterday am, -8 this morning. The high yesterday was 6 degrees.

    But like twiggers said, it could be worse!

    It's going to feel like a heat wave when it gets into the 20's :lol:
  13. HaHa I live in Iowa and when I went to work yesterday morning it was -29!!!! We set a record. Today it might get up to 18 so it will feel like a heat wave.
  14. It's in the low 50s here in Florida. Clear and chilly - love it.
  15. Just South of Chicago here, last two days have been FREEZING!
    -17 Thursday and -9 Friday when I left for work :crybaby: