How cold is Hawaii on winter?

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  1. I was wondering,
    how cold is Hawaii on winter?

    My parents are going to visit me here, in the US on winter break. and I was thinking to take them to Hawaii on winter with my family because they don't like cold weather..
    Anyone know how cold is it going to be??
    thanks =)

    and any suggestion for cool places to visit =)

  2. I was in Honolulu the 1st of February, 2002. The weather was great!! It was in the 80's during the day and 60's during the night. Perfect environment & perfect temperature.
  3. I went to Hawaii in December before, and I remember wearing shorts and skirts, so it must have been fairly warm. I don't recall the exact temperatures anymore though.
  4. We've been in Maui/Big Island on Christmas for the past few years and its been sitting by the pool soaking up a tan time! I'd say in the high 70's/low 80's.
  5. Hello,

    I am from Hawaii and temperatures during the winter can range from the 70-80's during the day. It may rain one day then be totally sunny the next day. Nights are usually cooler by 10-15 degrees.

    You'll have to choose what island you will be visiting then the Hawaii girls in Club Hawaii can tell you what to do/where to go. The different islands each have something to offer so it depends whether you want "big city" (which isn't that big) or beautiful country.
  6. it's not cold at all that is why the winter is the busiest tourist season there.
  7. thanks...
    then i will see my parents this year!!!! yay :smile:

    i'll take a look at the club hawaii thread..
    thanks again