How clueless is your DH/SO when it comes to Chanel & purses?

  1. I've read a lot of threads about ladies who have to cover up their recent purchases w/ some pretty sly execuses. I even remember reading that one member had a drool-worthy collection of red Chanel pieces, yet her DH thought she only had one?! :roflmfao: LOL. Other execuses like, "Oh I've had this for awhile, honey.." & "I got it off a sale. This Jumbo Flap was only $200, hun.." are hilarious.. & very good, I must say. :supacool:

    BUT.. any ladies have a DH/SO who can't be fooled? My SO takes interest in my interests; he supports (& funds :yes:) my Chanel/purse obsession. He even browses tPF w/ me sometimes & has learned quite a lot! It's funny to see how shocked some SA's get when he can point at a purse & name the handbag & which ligne it's from. It's nice because when birthdays/xmas comes along, he knows which purses are to my liking & which aren't. But the downfall, unfortunately, is that he's also familiar w/ the PRICES.. Lol. :tdown:

    So.. which category does your DH/SO fall under? Any stories? Any good execuses that worked for you that other ladies can borrow? Hehe. Thought it'd be fun/cute to read..
  2. oh gosh... DH is completely clueless. thankfully, he doesn't ask, and I surely don't tell!! ;)
  3. My SO is pretty tuned into Chanel. I think it's because he knows in general how much they cost and he definitely notices if a new handbag (or outfit or shoes) pops up in my closet. But I do try to make him feel better by telling him that I got the bag on sale or that it's so classic I will be carrying it for the next 50 years.
  4. My DH is very aware of what I spend, he likes Chanel so it is all good. He spotted a fake cambon tote last week too, so he probably knows more than I do.
  5. I wish my husband was clueless! He knows how much Chanel bags cost and even if he didn't I couldn't seem to hide the bills since he would see the prices when paying them! How do you ladies deal with that???
  6. He knows the prices because i tell him.. i still believe that we should be completely honest with our DH about everything, because we don't want to fight over money or bags or other purchases, its not worth it! we don't want him to lie to us about his BIG purchases too right.. ? :smile:
  7. My SO knows exactly what I buy and how much it is. And he never complains. We have our own accounts though, so it's my money I'm spending which means he doesn't have a say! :smile: I don't complain about the video games/consoles he buys ... so we both have our "vice".
  8. my DH is very aware of fashion and knows i am in love with anything chanel. so keeping anything from him would be very difficult as he notices anything new. he has expensive taste too: gucci shoes/belts, ferragamo and LV ties, etc so he can't really complain!

    i just bought 2 chanel bags this past week, one he picked out and one that i ordered over the phone tonight. i will probably "hide" the one that i bought tonight and come clean once i'm ready to use the bag. he might go into sticker shock if he knows i bought 2, lol. i used my NM card which i pay for so he won't notice.

    we each have our vices, he knows handbags are mine and is pretty tolerant. he really can't complain too much because he has season tickets to Washington Redskins and we live in CA! His tix run him about $3300 a year. That's the price of a bag!

    oh and btw, he flew up to seattle today for the playoff game between the redskins/seahawks tomorrow. so i've got major brownie points that i will use at a later date, lol!
  9. My boyfriend knows I am obsessed with Chanel, but I just realized he has no idea. When we talked about marriage he said that he has to be able to support my $400 handbags:shame: If he only knew.

  10. ^^^^ hahahaha!!! :lol:
  11. DH is totally well aware of the Chanel prices prior to the last three price increases. I kept the price hikes to myself. :graucho: Either way, he doesn't long as I'm not starving the kids or forget the bills.
  12. BF knows Chanel and oyjer luxury items better than I do--he would KILL me if he knew the extent of my purse and jewelry collections. He even knows the prices, so I can't even fib. I've been hiding my two Chanel bags for months. He'd have a stroke if he even knew I owned them.
  13. my bf knows they runs the the 4 digits....but definitely isn't very happy about the idea that i love them. i fund my own bags so it's okay.
  14. My DH funds but doesn't support them, make sense? hehehe
  15. My Dh... now knows how much my Chanels and Balenciagas run... as he's in the store with me when I buy em' :push: Cats outta the bag now... & he thinks im a LiL....:choochoo: