How close is 07 French Blue & 05 Indigo

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  1. In my neverending search for an Indigo City, I am contemplating settling for French Blue. What do you think ladies??? Should I keep waiting for an Indigo City (or First) or get the French Blue City. Comparison pics would help :yes:
  2. I think indigo is a little less bright and has a little purple in it
  3. French blue is a lot brighter than indigo and is a truer blue while indigo has some purple as Jem said.
  4. Having seen both IRL, IMO Indigo is a much more versatile color than the FBlue. The leather on the Indigo is nicer as well. FBlue is a very "in your face" color as opposed to Indigo which is more passe-partout. I would definitely hold for Indigo.
  5. I've seen both IRL and IMO they're not that close. I actually think blueberry is closer to indigo, but indigo is a brighter with more purple.