How Close in Colour are 05 Chocolate and 07 Cinnamon?

  1. Hi, I am on the search for an 05 Chocolate City, but as everyone knows ... they are somewhat hard to come by. So then I saw pics of the 07 Cinnamon, which might be easier to find and I'm wondering how close in colour they are? The Cinnamon seems to have redder undertones ... other than that, are they somewhat similar?

    Cinnamon owners ... love the colour?

    Any Chocolate AND Cinnamon owners care to compare? (Or anyone else who has seen them both in person!)

    Thanks everyone! :smile:
  2. I have 05 Chocolate and I did take it with me to Barney's once to compare it to the Cinnamon and you are correct, it was close but the Cinnamon had more red in it :yes:

    Both are pretty but I actually prefer the 05 Chocolate with no red myself, I think it is the perfect shade of Brown
  3. I have a cinnamon and I LOVE it!! The leather on the cinnamon bags was particularly great IMO. The color definitely has red undertones in the sunlight. In indoor lighting, it looks more like a rich milk chocolate brown. I believe that the '05 chocolate is darker and doesn't have the red undertone??
  4. I have a cinnamon city and chocolate work. I really LOVE the cinnamon brown because of the red undertones, just as iluvhandbags mentioned. Chocolate definitely doesn't have the red undertones- it's a pure dark brown, and seems to have almost tannish undertones, if that makes sense. I don't think it's as dark as 07 cafe, which seems to be pure dark dark brown.

    The first 2 pics are mogano with and w/o flash (looks most like w/o flash IRL), the last 3 are chocolate. Chocolate also looks most like the last pic w/o flash IRL. HTH!
    IMG_1328.JPG IMG_1348.JPG IMG_1663.JPG IMG_1667.JPG IMG_1665.JPG
  5. How funny this should be asked today: we just a mini BBag meet in Walnut Creek and had a Mogano/Cinnamon side by side with a Choco.

    They are indeed very similar :tup:
  6. sunny... can I be a PITA ;) can you take a pic of the mirrors next to each other? I have always wondered about these two... I think I would fall for a chocoweekender since I love cinnamon so much :love:
  7. Thanks everyone!! That is very good to know and definitely helps ... now I can expand my search a bit.

  8. ^^ladybug- no problem! I was thinking I should do comparison pics as well! I'm staying in tonight and keeping warm anyways! :tup:
  9. you are my hero :smooch: hehehe
  10. I agree with everybody here. I have mogano/cinnamon and it's a dark dark brown (more dark chocolate than milk chocolate, to me) but with reddish undertones in the sunlight. I love the red in it. The leather is v good, thick and soft.
  11. Sunny~ Great photos- your browns are delish! I am loving your choco work!!!
  12. Oh yay, I'm ladybug's hero of the day! ;)

    OK, so here are some comparison pics. I'm actually quite surprised by how different they are from each other- and quite happy, I was feeling like 2 dark brown bags was a bit redundant. A few other comparative observations: 07 leather smells divine!! Like yummy LEATHER. But my 05's consistently smell perfumey- so weird. Also, you know what? I like my mogano leather better than the chocolate!! (gasp! blasphemy! :p) I like the distressing better and it's smooshier! Plus it's a bit thicker. But I love that 05's come with a good amount of drape to them, compared to the newer bags. Conclusion: f/w 07 leather really is FABULOUS!! Comparable to 05, if not better!



    IMG_2307.JPG IMG_2308.JPG IMG_2309.JPG IMG_2312.JPG IMG_2319.JPG
  13. thanks peppers! notice that my choco seems to be popping up everywhere?? must be true love!
  14. Thanks for the comparison shots Sunny :nuts:

    You have beautiful bags :tender:

    Now placing choc to cinnamon next to each other, really shows the comparison doesn't it?
  15. Thank you aki! ^^ it really does- I'm quite surprised! Now I really want to know how chocolate compares to 07 cafe!