How close do you pay attention to your stitching?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Been following TPF for years and decided to post this because I want to hear from you if this will get worse. My Neverfull MM DE is 3 weeks old and noticed the stitching is double stitched in one small area on one side.

    On the inside it looks like one thread is holding on for its life. The opposite side of the bag looks nothing like this, it's perfectly stitched. Anyone seen something like this before? Want some more eyes to look at it and advise before I go into the LV boutique on Saturday.


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  2. This stitching does not look good to me. I do look at stitching in detail and every square inch of the bag. You should take it to LV
  3. yikes that does not look good...I would take it back immediately !!!
  4. Thank you, I ordered by Neverfull on so I didn't get a chance to see it like I would at the store.
  5. Thanks! definitely, I want to run to the store tomorrow but have to wait until this weekend because the only store I have near me is San Francisco which is an hour away.
  6. I'm very picky about everything when I buy my bags, that would concern me and I would take it back for sure. Good luck!!!
  7. That's not good- I would expect better quality for all the $$$ we pay for LV.
  8. That's my concern that with time and cinching it, it will loosen. Thank you!
  9. Exactly! I expect for what we pay we get amazing stitching. I haven't thought about cinching it to avoid an issue with it and let the leather soften, this makes me not want to cinch it at all! :sad:
  10. I called and they said to bring it in right away because they take the stitching very seriously. Do you think it's better to get it repaired so they can fix it with more attention to detail or have it replaced?
  11. get it replaced!
  12. Definitely take it back!
  13. exchange it!!👍
  14. Yup, exchange it.
  15. I went into my flagship store today and presented the stitching defect on my Neverfull. The lovely lady assisting me and one of the manager did do an exchange for me.

    One thing that threw me off was she wanted to charge me for the difference of the exchange because of the price increased last week. No way was that happening!! At the end of the day even exchange, inspected my new Neverfull before leaving, and now happy and relieved!!!