How close are the Dark silver and the Dark gold (from 06) reissues?

  1. I have the dark gold color that is no longer available. its a bronze tone.

    And I am on the list for a dark silver which also seems bronze toned to me.....but more metallic and slightly rose toned. Not as subtle as the dark silver.

    But I've never seen the dark silver in person so I 'm wondering are these bags too close together to even consider owning both OR are they different enough?

    My first thought was that I don't need 2 metallic Chanels but I would like your opinions

    here is a pic of the dark gold being worn by Jessica Alba & a pic of the dark silver being worn by PF'er IMGG (who's pics are gorgeous by the way:yes:)

  2. And here's a pic that IMGG recently posted of her dark silver
  3. ^^:shocked:

    I am pretty sure Mon had both side-by-side posted somewhere. I'll see if I can find it.
  4. Sorry. I can delete your pic if you want.

    i was just trying to find a pic of it being carried. let me know
  5. No, it's okay, it was just SO BIG! Thanks for making it smaller!

    Here are Mons pics of the two next to each other. They are a like but also different. If you get the dark silver I would get a smaller size so you could use it as an evening bag. Then you could use the bronze as a day bag!
  6. ^^^thanks for the pics.

    These were taken w/ a really bright flash and don't capture the true color unfortunately. :sad:

    I wish there was a way to post your pics and J. Albas pic next to one another. But I'm not that smart. LOL.
    I can't manage to do it. Your pic keeps coming up huge. LOL.:roflmfao:
  7. See what I mean? the dark silver looks really foil-like. And it does not appear that way in your pic

  8. This was the best I could do. Not so great with photoshop.

    Anyway......I need to run off to work. Hope this helps!


  9. Ahhh thanks. Just as I thought the dark silver seems to have a rose undertone to it. The dark gold does not
  10. I have dark silver and I don't think it has any rose undertones in real life. The color is between silver & bronze. It's definitely not as shiny as in Mon's picture.

  11. So then would it be more close to the dark gold or different?
  12. Here is a picture without flash. It looks shiny in my pics because it is shiny.


  13. Thanks Mon. But i cannot figure out how come IMGG's and the new ones that PF'er have posted appears to be a different hue than yours.

    Did they change the color a little for the new ones??


  14. I agree:yes: And the color is really hard to catch.
  15. No, they haven't changed the color at all. They did however make a copper color that was definitely more rose gold in 2006. So the metallic 2006 reissues were light silver, dark silver, copper (rose gold) and light gold.