How close are mineral and turquoise??

  1. Are they close to the same color IRL?

  2. Turquoise is a true blue-no grey or green and it's crisp, not dusty. To my eye, mineral is a blue with a drop of green and definitely a grey dusty undertone. They are both great colors but I wouldn't mix and match them together ie accessories. HTH
  3. Thanks!! Just trying to decide if I can justify bags in both colors!!
  4. I think they are different enough that you could do that. Perhaps have one in a hobo and the other in a satchel or tote!
  5. Great! Thanks!
  6. Great description! :tup: I agree. :yes: I think you could justify getting bags in both colors. After all, you're the one carrying it, and as long as you like blue and want it, I'd get both!
  7. Are they really clashing? I have the turquoise ergo, but hate the ergo wallet. I was thinking that the mineral wallet may be better. Is it really a bad combo?
  8. Here's my Turquoise Ergo Tote and the Mineral Wristlet...They do not "match" but I don't necessarily think they CLASH either. :p
    Hope this helps...
    IMG_2324.JPG IMG_2325.JPG
  9. Yes definitely different. I actually prefer the mineral color. It's not as bold. I carry both together, although they are both hidden in my Carly. Mineral wallet and turquoise Ergo keyfob :smile:
  10. I wouldn't say they clash. I just don't think they bring out the best in each other. Then again, unless they are hanging onto other it really isn't a big deal.
  11. when I bought my Mineral hobo I looked at several and ALL of them were different colors of Mineral, from lighterto darker. I bought the darkest one with almost no distressing marks. Its a teal, blue, green gray combo.

    I LOVE the color.