How cheap is too cheap? LOL

  1. I buy some of my Trollbeads from this seller (reasonable and close to me so they get here quick) and I have just purchased a few and saw these listed. I thought I like them for me and then thought for the price, get a pair for my girlfriends, sister in law, etc as a little "thinking of you" gift. Then I thought about the price, I'll spend 9 bucks for me but is it too cheap for someone else? LOL
  2. I don't think it's too cheap. It doesn't matter how much something costs if it's a "thinking of you" gift. I think that's really nice and thoughtful.
  3. Def. not too cheap. I wouldn't even consider how much a gift cost that was given to me. I think you have a great idea and your friends will love them!
  4. That's really nice of you! :smile: I don't think it's "too cheap"; it may only be $9 but the earrings themselves are real silver, and beautiful! :smile:
  5. definitely not! especially since it's just a "thinking of you" gift and they're lucky to receive it!
  6. Not at all.....especially b/c they are really nice plus real silver....

    Its perfect!!!!!
  7. No way! Those are nice earrings and the price is irrelevant. If you have "friends" that will only accept gifts of a certain $$ then they aren't real friends.
  8. i can tell you, you can spent heaps on money on ugly stuff! Just cos its cheap doesn't mean it's bad. They don't look cheap and appear to be good quality, i would say they are a steal! Plus the fact that its a 'thinking of you' gift means it shouldn't be judged on any level by them.