How cheap does something have to be to make you buy used?

  1. I like to say 40% off retail would make me buy something in really good shape used, but I am starting to rethink that. What is everyone's price point if ever would buy used?
  2. For me any % off. Really depends on the bag and how available it is in store. I purchased a few brand new LV bags for only 15% off before. Every little bit of savings means I can get another bag.
  3. luxury isn't luxury if *I* buy used.
  4. I've only bought used so far. Any discount is good enough for me!
  5. I've thought about buying used a few times in the past few weeks & have seen some nice items, but I just can't seem to take the plunge:push:

    All of my LV items have been bought new from LV stores and I fear getting a used item (however good it is) won't feel right. Am I being paranoid?

    It's the same with cars. I've only bought new cars in the 10 years and feel like changing my current one. Can't really justify another new one, but can't bring myself to go back to used, as it just won't feel the same:sad:

    Does anyone else feel the same way?

  6. depends on the item I've only bought discontinued items Pre Loved most I got for a lot off retail but my CB pap was way over retail price but still a good price compared to most on eBay. Anything permanant I prefer to buy from the boutique it's not worth the stress
  7. Would not be exclusive luxury if I bought it at discount unless it's pre-love/pre-own.
  8. I've purchased several pre-owned bags. I saved more than 50% off on all of my noes. All were in like new condition. The rest were discontinued items and I ended up either paying retail for them or just above retail.
    I have no problem buying used. If I can save $$$ - why NOT?!:nuts: At the end of the day, it's the same bag as the next gal owns only mine costs less!:tup:
  9. Less than half the original price...or even maybe like 40% off.
  10. I've bought brand new and used, but unless the bag is totally dirty and trashed (which I've done in the beginning stages of my LV collecting, shamefully), new/used all comes down to being the same...used. :shrugs: I know nothing beats brand new (even I get psyched from white vachetta :nuts:), but if I can get something at 30% (or greater) off, then heck, why not?

    I'm not too keen with buying things used if it's near retail, though...I might as well build up my history at the boutique and buy brand new myself!
  11. i've bought two bags and discontinued lines..

    i actually enjoy the boutique experience, and will try to purchase new in store if possible!
  12. If it's still in the store, I'd rather get it from there and avoid the hassles of eBay.
    However in the case of some of my discontinued items that are no longer available in stores (peach Graffiti pochette, pink/pink CB pochette, all 3 CB Cles and beige Inclusion ring) I had to go the eBay route.
  13. I have never thought about it in terms of % off, etc. I only buy LE or discontinued items that I missed the first time around. I judge my purchases by a combination of price and the quality/condition of the item. But I have no problem saving a few $ here and there, it ends up being more bags for me and that is A-O-K!
  14. I've only bought a pre-owned bag once which was because the graffitti line is LE and can't be bought new to me the price didn't really matter. It was the condition I was worried about but since I got it for LT the condition and price was great.
  15. If it's not LE then I look for 40% or more off. Even at 40% off I need it to be in excellent condition. I don't like things that look used since I'm very careful with my bags and they look great for years since I rotate them regularly as well.