How casual can you dress & still carry LV

  1. Would it look stupid to be wearing casual pants or capris(something like cargos) with a cute t-shirt & sneakers & carry a mono LV?

    I find the mono seems quite versatile, but does the price of it dictate that I should be somewhat dressed up to carry it?

    Silly question, I know...but I want to know what people think! Thanks! :nuts:
  2. of course you can . Right now im wearing overalls with a polo shirt and sandals. and im carrying my mini lin speedy. And the mono goes with everything, you will look great.
  3. What I love about mono LV is that it works with nearly everything! I've worn mine to work and also in a t-shirt and shorts and $2 flipflops.

    which one are you getting?
  4. I was hoping you'd say that! Thanks! I'm getting the Alma in 6 more days (not that I'm counting! ;) )
  5. ^^ Great choice - congrats in advance!!
  6. Yes, I use my LVs wearing anything almost anywhere... except I don't bring any LV to the beach.
  7. i have used my LV going to the gym wearing my workout clothes and i don't care b/c it's LV
    i say wear it with whatever you want
  8. Mono and cargos are just sooo cool and casual-chic together!
    I have to dress up for work but on the week-ends I adore wearing more casual clothes and my LVs :wlae: I like the contrast feeling it gives me..
  9. It works with anything depending on the style of the bag.
  10. no way....def can be casual. its probably the most casual LV. look at jessica simpsons pics...shes all in sweats and what not.
  11. i tend to wear mono with anything, even my work uniform lol!!
  12. Mono matches everything .. I think more the style of the bag dictates what works better with it.
    For example a speedy is great for casual but a more "dressy" bag like a manhatten doesn't look as good with jeans and a T IMO.
  13. I agree with everyone. Most mono LVs can be wear with casual clothes. I wear all my LVs with casual clothes all the time.
  14. I dress casually 99.9% of the time (as I've been a stay-at-home Mom for the past few years) and I carry LV while wearing jeans & a tee & flip-flops or even w/ sweats..But that's just me. I personally think it's fine!:yes::okay:
  15. i think the alma adds class to any outfit but of course it can be worn casually.
    i wear my speedy with everything from really smart suits and summer dresses to jeans and ralph lauren jumpers, and juicy tracksuits.