How Careful Is Too Careful?

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  1. #1 Jun 27, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2016
    Good Morning Friends,
    I have a question regarding how careful you are with your LV purses. I have some pre-loved LV purses and my first new LV purchase arrived last week.
    I find myself being OCD over using my bags, especially those with vachetta leather. This may stem from the fact that the first time I took my LV Tivoli out of the house, I was caught in an unexpected rainstorm.
    Now I think that I am overly cautious usually taking the dustbag with me to set my purse on. I feel that I have spent hard-earned money on the purses and don't want to incur stains, wear, marks, etc.
    So my question is: How Careful is Too Careful? in your eyes.
    Warm regards,
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  2. I choose my bag according to where I'm going. I would take a Longchamp if I were going someplace where I knew I'd have to put my bag on the floor for some reason, and to all Dr appointments and then I'll occasionally wipe the nylon down with a clorox wipe. I don't carry a dust bag b/c I'm ok putting my bag in a chair at a restaurant. I don't put my bags on floors-I ask for an extra chair. One exception-my first speedy, pre-loved and in DA is my only LV I treat as a junk bag. I didn't take care of it when I first got it, and now it's a hot mess and I treat it that way. I'll even wipe the bottom of that with a Clorox wipe, which is a no-no, but I do it.

    I'm sure you'll get all levels of answers with how people care for their bags. I want my bag "germ free" more than anything else. I consider floors in public places dirty, so I don't put them down for that reason, but I would put my bag on my own carpet or in someone else's home. I'm ok with the scratches and dings any bag is going to get with use.
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  3. I don't think there is "too careful". We are all different and do what makes you feel comfortable in life. After purchasing my speedy 25 mono I realized that I simply cannot relax around that much vachetta. My other bags are DE and I enjoy enjoying them. But on my mono speedy handles there is a water droplet from January (6 months ago). I know exactly what bathroom I was in washing my hands when that happened. That is just the way my brain works. I'm not going to try to change it. Besides that droplet my handles are the most beautiful patina. Because I am so careful. Do what makes you feel comfortable and if that is carrying around the dust bag do it girl !!! ;)
  4. I am very careful with my LV but have noticed that small amounts of wear and tear will happen no matter how careful I am, sometimes I don't even know how a mark or a scratch occurred. My bag is DE which makes it slightly more carefree, particularly in the climate where I'm living at the moment. I will put my bag on the floor if there's nowhere else to put it.

    My LV items are all expensive and well considered purchases and it makes sense to take care of them, I could never be careless with my LV.

    Do whatever works for you and whatever you feel comfortable with.
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  5. I don't think we need to be too careful, as you begin to use your bag more it will start getting scuffs and marks and it will also soften and mold to the way you use it becoming more "yours"
    I like bags with vachetta and I only buy new, I'm a little careful at first but once the bag develops a base tan I just use them like normal, I think they all look beautiful with the occasional spot, it's all part of the process of making my bags my own. I say use and enjoy your bags :speedy:
  6. I am somewhat careful with my things but I am okay if a bag gets a scratch, etc... that's just bound to happen and I accept it. I won't get upset for that kind of stuff: there are far more pressing issues in the world than my bags! ;)
  7. I agree 100% with this.
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  8. +1
    I agree with this too, it's funny how the bags become your own after a while. Mine has softened and moulded to how I carry it.
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  9. I think it is up to each one of us to decide how careful we want to be with our bags. To some people, what you do might be too careful and some not. Decide on what works for you regardless of what people think or do. What works for you may not work for others and vice versa.

    To me, I take care of my bags with my own basic guidelines and at a comfort level without causing inconvenience. I will bring the bag that I think is right for the day considering purpose, location, duration, and the weather. I don't put them on the floor or any surface that will transfer dirt or scratch it. I don't carry the dustbag or anything for bags or slgs. That will just be an annoyance and inconvenience to me which I can't handle. I try my best to care for my bag without getting too worried. After all, I want to enjoy the bag wherever I go.
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  10. My first lv was pre loved so I have never babied it or its vachetta,my second has the tiniest bit of vachetta and when I was out this weekend it started raining and I regretted bringing it with me , it got a big blob of water right on the vachetta thankfully when it dried it didn't stain , my third lv is Damier ebene so I don't have to worry about it and that's the reason I got that print.i would never put any on the floor ever
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  11. Too careful for me is the moment I stop enjoying and using my bags for what they are; a spot here and a scuff there is just part of loving my LVs and each 'imperfection' tells a part of the story that we share also makes my bag uniquely mine. That being said I'm never rough on any of my things, don't set them down on a dirty floor or surface, deliberately take vachetta into the rain, etc. but neither do I coddle them.
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  12. The only time I'm very careful with my bags is if they're brand spanking new. For ex...I won't take it out in pouring rain when it's only a couple of days old and it has lots of vachetta. Once it gets a little tan, I use it like normal. I won't purposely set my bags down on dirty, sticky surfaces though and this goes for all my stuff, not just the expensive ones. For this reason, I gravitate towards shoulder bags, especially if I need to use both hands. Other than these couple of things, I use my LV like I would any other less expensive bags. I like to enjoy them and I won't be able to if I'm too obsessive about them. Also, I agree with one of the comments that no matter how careful you are, wear and tear will happen and it's just part of owning and using something.
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  13. I try to be quite careful with my bags. I try not to get them dirty, I clean and condition the leather regularly, I store them the best I can, etc... Still, despite my best care, they get scratched and scuffed. The other day, I was walking on a sidewalk and I got a bit too close to a wall while passing someone. I ended up scratching the corner of my bag against the wall. I was not too happy about it, but those things happen.
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  14. i find that the more careful i am, the more accident prone i end up being! my first lv purchase, a mono alma, has worse wear than my nf, which i was never particularly careful with!
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  15. I prefer to buy pre-loved (and older) bags partly for this very reason- I like a bag with a few signs of age and use on it so that anything I add to it blends in and doesn't make me feel paranoid. I got rained on a bit when I was carrying my old Speedy30, but the few droplets that got on the vachetta didn't bother me too much because the patina is pretty dark already and after wiping the entire piece with a baby wipe the spots blended away. If it was a brand new bag with pristine vachetta I imagine I wouldn't have been so relaxed about it!

    As it is though, I'm as careful with my favorite bags as I am with everything else- I move so that I don't bump into people or things, I look before I set my bag down somewhere, etc etc. And every two weeks or so I wipe down my bags and check them over, I'd say it's pretty stress free for me.
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