How can you tell??

  1. I read many posts that ppl were unhappy with their LV purchase from Elux cuz they receive a used/return bag. I am just wonder.. how can you tell that it was return by someone else? Thoughts???
  2. ^ usually you can tell by the hardware..a used bag will have scratches on it. the zippers/nameplates on a brand new bag usually has the blue or clear plastic covering on it, and so there should be no scratches.

    there are other ways to tell too, sometimes there are creases in certain places or what not. also, sometimes you can see it in the handles (they may be a bit darker)
  3. during christmas i received a slightly used pomme ludlow wallet. the box had greasy fingerprints on it, crumbs inside the box (the previous owner must have been eating when they opened it). but elux has great customer service, so they quickly exchanged the item - no questions asked.

    this is very uncommon, so don't let my story discourage you from buying from elux. their customer service is the only reason why i still purchase from them. excellent treatment elux reps, thank you!
  4. i never bought from them but good ot know that i can returned for a NEW one..:tup:
  5. i've received a used wallet and a used bag from elux. it was pretty obvious- hardware scratches on the wallet, impressions, etc. the bag;s vachetta had marks, softened from use, and there was animal hair on the dustbag- clumps of it. and a boogie or glue on the hardware. i hope it was adhesive. they have been accomodating, though. i would still use and rec. elux.
  6. I am really surprised so many people would still use a company giving this track record. I have read so many horror stories from this company on this forum. In my opinion, this is not acceptable! I would move on the second something like this happened to me, especially now that LV sells from their website now! :tdown:

  7. Eeeeewwwww! :yucky:
  8. I've use elux for years, and it's nothing but great for me. Only once I received a defect inclusion, but they offer the exchange right away w/next day delivery & cover the return postage too.
  9. if they weren't so accomodating, i wouldn't still use them. however, it is really dif. for me to get into boston to shop, nevermind return if i change my mind! so, i deal with the occassional 'yuck'- but that's because they remedy the situation. i've never used the lv website, so i don't know how they are.
  10. Last year I recieved a used azur speedy. It is the only used item I have ever recieved from them. I was really disappointed as I had been really looking forward to recieving the handbag. It was obviously used so there was no need for scrutinizing. I knew it was used the second I saw it. The vachetta had already patinaed. It was darker than the mono speedy I already had! The inside had bits of dust, small marks, andhair. :yucky: It's a pity because that speedy was very very well made with extremely good leather (rare to find). I called them the second I recieved the bag and the representative insinuated that I didn't know my LV and thats how they come. She also insisted they thoroughly check their LVs prior to shipment (is that so?) in other words, I had used the bag. I would never use a bag and then return it and wasn't satisfied with her service so I called elux again and dealt with a very nice representative who solved the problem for me. I returned it headache free. So overall, I think it was a good experience since they solved the problem for me (At LV stores sometimes, I'm not so sure they would -at least not before I've talked to several people). I would buy from elux again because I have confidence that should any problems arise they will take care of it for you.
  11. I've never used Elux before.

    However, from my boutique experiences, my opinion is that MANY of the bags and accessories are nowhere near perfection. They often have dents, scratches, fraying of leather, patina...etc. These are NOT always indicative of a used/returned bag.