How can you tell the difference between "made for factory" stuff and reg merchandise?

  1. Taking a guess, I'd say the FS in the item number, right? Are there any other differences that I should know about?

    Is the craftsmanship the same?
  2. absolutely the craftsmanship is the same! Don't even worry about that!
    The only difference I know of is they stamp a faint bullseye mark on the creed if it's an outlet bag. No biggie as you can barely tell it is there.
  3. I think usually the bullseye stamp is when reg. Coach merchandise is transferred to the factory to prevent full-price returns in a boutique. The "made for factory" ones you are referring to generally have an F in the item # like you mentioned, but I have heard from all accounts that the quality is not any different from regular merchandise. Also sometimes the line is blurred between made for factory and reg. items - didn't last year's holiday patchwork get re-released this year for the factory stores?

  4. If it has FS stamped on the creed, not in the creed number, that means it's a final sale.

    If there is an F in the last part of the creed, then it is a bag specifically made for the Factory Store (they started that in about 2006 or so.

    If it is a regular bag, with a regular number on it, it could have been made for the Factory Store or it could be a transfer from the boutique or Jacksonville.
  5. One that i've noticed...look at the zipper pull on the interior of factory store bags...normally in boutique bags it's a substancial leather factory bags it's usually a small silver chain with a circle at the end.

    the last few bags I've bought at outlets...that were transfers from boutiques, were missing the bullseye's hit or miss with that.
  6. I've seen them with the bullseye, "X", and "FS" stamps on the Creed when I've purchased from the Coach Factories. As another tPF'er had mentioned, Coach just started putting "F" or "FS" preceeding the last set of #'s on their Creed recently.

    As for the quality, COACH items are COACH items no matter where you get them - whether it's Factory or Boutique. I've purchased from both types of stores and you can't really tell any difference in "quality" at all. With Coach, it's "quality" all the way, even with their Factory items.
  7. That's good to hear, since I bought lots of Christmas presents from the Outlet and I wanted to make sure that the quality was the same.
  8. Please bare with me, I am sort of new to this all. I have admired Coach bags for a very long time, but have never been in a situation financially to own them. Thus, I still don't know a lot of stuff.

    Today at my outlet, two bags went home with me. As it turns out they are both "Factory" bags (i.e. they say Factory on the tags). I was reading in an alternate thread that sometimes these are made special for the factory.

    Does this diminish their value any?
    Do you all try to not have "factory" bags in your collections or does it not really matter?

    Here they are:


  9. There are bags that are especially made for the outlet store, and it does not means that they are inferior in any way. The outlets have some great styles! I had a few outlet bags, but sold them to buy different bags...if I like a bag, I don't care if it's an outlet bag, or straight from JAX. By the way...the bags & accessories you purchased are great!
  10. All that matters is that you like it! Great purchases, I really like your white tote!
  11. well every price tag on a bag from the outlet will say factory outlet on it, but i think the 2 bags you bought were made just for outlet, but that doesnt make them any less coach
  12. Gorgeous buys! They are still Coach and are not inferior at all. I love shopping at Outlets!
  13. I don't have an answer to your question but I love your white tote!
  14. I have bags made for the outlets and bags made for the boutiques in my collection. One of my favorite coach bags is my black soho hobo leather factory bag. So to answer you question, I don't consider factory bags inferior. They are made by coach and are coach bags.
    Your bags are gorgeous and especially that white tote. It is very stylish. Use them and enjoy them. :tup:
  15. I don't think they are inferior in anyway to boutique bags. Your choices are gorgeous!