How can you tell the authenticity of a brown cb papillon?

  1. my sister wants one and i know you girls know about cb than i do. so what can we look for to make sure we are getting a real one (off eBay)? thanks in advance!!

  2. the best way is to use my poupette sellers and when you find one post the link on the authenticate this page and we#ll be happy to help
  3. Buy it from the store, it is not worth the hassle of eBay, too many people getting ripped off. Read the eBay forum here and see the nightmares people have.
  4. It's discontinued.;) Please post links or close up pictures( LV heatstamp, date code and screws behind the bow) to the ones you're interested in the "authenticate this" sticky and we can help you.:yes:
  5. Yes, that style has been discontinued, but you can find authentic ones on ebay.

    Usually my poupette sellers are good, but I had a bad experience, so regardless of who's selling it I would recommend you check with some wonderful people here to triple check it out for you.
    Theres a couple sellers like the Huang family who seems to have some like new, authentic ones..but I find them to be a little pricey.
    Best of luck
  6. Def. post it here, our resident, wonderful experts John, addy and lee will help! The are great and very knowledgeble :smile:
  7. okay thank you girls so much