How can you tell something has poor leather from a photo?

  1. I've been browsing, reading, and learning from all the knowledge encompassed in this site on the path to a first BBag purchase. I keep coming across references to dry - crinkly - veiny leather. Especially in the S/S 06 season. There is a lilac twiggy on e*** that has lovely color per the photos. But - according to livethelake's post in the twiggy ref section the 06 Lilac bag she owns proves that all S/S 06 bags don't have thin, crinkly, veiny and dry leather. This bag has incredibly squishy and thick leather.

    Any thoughts - guidance would be great. - Thanks:smile:
  2. Hi amcf58 and welcome to the PF!

    The S/S 06 bags are of mixed leather quality. Not all are dry and crinkly. Looks like you may have found one of the smooshier ones from that season - congrats!

    You could post the auction link in the Authenticate This section to get opinions if you would like.
  3. Redney - Thanks for the info - I guess if it folds nicely in the photo it is probably more on the smooshy side. I think I need to see them up close and personal. I don't live near a store that carrys bbags hence the hesitation. It looked good but I was unsure and some other lucky lady got it. Congrats to her - enjoy the bag.
  4. If you can post a close up of the leather (seller should be able to supply this) we can provide lots of advice on if it's a good leather or not. When / if you get a pic, post it in the main Balenciaga section of this forum and you will get lots of advice.
  5. Thanks for the advice KDC. I forsee jumping into the vortex of ownership soon.
  6. Good luck AMCF...keep in mind that a good picture can help the girls here let you know if the leather looks think and soft, but that everyone has a different taste in how distressed, veiny and "bubbly" they like their leather. That's just personal preference.