how can you tell if

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  1. a coach is fake?
  2. There are a several things to take into consideration. There is an authenticate this thread you could check out.
    I advise friends to buy from either the Coach boutique, Coach factory store or Coach online to ensure they are getting a real one. There are some good sellers on ebay but there are also some rip off sellers on ebay.
    Good luck!
  3. oh well yeah. I bought mine at dillards. They sell coach and dooney there.
  4. Bags sold in department stores are authentic. The only way a department store would get a fake is if somehow someone bought an authentic bag and returned a fake one in its place (as a scam to get something for nothing). I have heard of this happening but I'm not sure how common it is. For the most part you should be safe buying a bag at Dillards, Macys etc.:yes:
  5. For fakes, You can look at the creed, check the drilldown. Look for messy or uneven c's. "fake feeling" leather etc.
  6. theres no "this is a real coach bag...." label within a fake bag..