How can you tell if your bra band is too tight?

  1. Hi. I was wondering how a person can tell if the band on their bra is too tight. I am currently wearing a 34 band, and am wondering if i should go up to a 36 band. Should there be red marks on your skin (from the band of the bra), after you take your bra off? I can't tell if my band is too tight or if is supposed to be a little tight. For reference, I am an A cup, and i weigh around 100-104 pounds. TIA.
  2. Hi, I manage a lingerie store and yes, it seems like it is too tight. It should fit snug but not leave marks on your skin. It should not slide around as you move or ride up either.
    You say you are about 100 pounds, and most people that size commonly a 32 or 34 band, but maybe you should go up to a 36.
    I would recommend getting fitted in person though.
  3. Perhaps the cup size is too small and it's causing more pressure on the band in the back (ie, the middle of the band isn't touching your chest bone in the front bottom)?

    I have been having trouble trying to find the right size bra myself, an uncomfortable bra is the worst.

    36 seems a touch big for someone your size, and I just want to say from personal experience that a loose band is much more uncomfortable than a tight one. I have a few bras right now that are too loose and they ride up alllll day long.
  4. i think the best bet would to get measured.. it sounds unlike for someone your size to be a 36 band size. you might just be wearing the wrong type of bra or wrong bra size all together.
  5. You could use bra extensions?
  6. I'd get measured or measure yourself w/ the online guides. Tons of women wear the wrong size bra.
  7. It should not feel uncomfortable, and should not squeeze your back and leave red marks :nogood:
  8. I'm also an A-cup and just under 100 lbs. I'm definitely a 34 band size, and the bra is comfortable and doesn't leave red marks on my skin after wearing my bra for a day.

    I used to work for Victoria's Secret one summer during college. The bra band strap should definitely not be uncomfortable and leave red marks.

    Also, look down at your skin right under the armpit. (Sorry, that sounds gross. :sweatdrop:) Is that bit of skin protruding out, right above the bra band? (As in, is the bra band so tight that it's squeezing your skin? Gosh, I hope that make sense.) My aunt had that problem for many years, and she finally learned (from me :p) that she was wearing a bra too small for her.
  9. I have been fitted several times at specialty bra shops and my bras often leave red marks. They fade quickly and it's not uncomfortable- I just have sensitive skin that marks easily. For me, the test of whether something is too tight is whether it's uncomfortable, and whether you pooch out of it.
  10. there should be no marks on your skin when you take the bra off.

    there is nothing wrong with moving up to a 36. thats where I am and Im a 36B 5'3
  11. I think i could get a bra with a 36 band size, and hook it on the first or the middle hook, (instead of the last, where i usually hook my bras) and it might make the band a bit smaller but still bigger than a 34.
  12. Generally it hurts when you take it off and there is a deep ridge where the band went around. It should only be tight enough so that it doesn't ride up over your breasts when you raise your arms.