how can you tell if a Damier print bag is real or fake?

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  1. Because the Damier print is not faked as much as the monogram print... how would you know if it's fake or not?

    What are some signs to look for... OTHER THAN the usual, cheaper material, wrong serial code, wrong zippers, etc.

    Like are the damier print made a certain way that shows authencity? like how the LV logo is never cut off on monogram, etc.
  2. On most fakes, the Damier Canvas and chocolate brown leather are usually really shiny. Other things to look for are: font of the "Louis Vuitton Paris" on the Damier Canvas, trademark heat stamp, interiors, and of course, zipper pulls.
  3. Stamping, date code, viewing the front, bottom, side interior, zipper pull, color and symmetry. Attention to the edges and the placement of the squares containing the words Louis Vuitton Paris. Hope this helps a little. :flowers:
  4. where should the squares w/ louis vuitton paris on it should be on the bag? are they more centered? or to the side?

    And... how would you describe the handle trim and handles of a damier print bag? i know it's brown... but is it almost brown black? etc.

  5. The placement of the squares that read "Louis Vuitton Paris" just depends on which bag/small leather good it is.

    I can't really describe the handle trim/hanles on a Damier Canvas bag... I mean the trained eye will know what to look for... that's all I can tell ya... :Push:

    If you have any questions pertaining to the authenticity of any bag/small leather good, feel free to ask in the authentication sticky above. ;)