how can you tell a sale item?

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  1. i was looking at my new scarves and i can't tell if it says they're sale scarves. i think like 2 of them might have a stamp over the care tag but only those 2. is there something else i'm missing?

    also- are the people on eBay lying when everyone says they're not sale scarves? could they just be missing whatever stamp or something so they lie about it? or is no one selling sale stuff?
  2. The two scarves you bought at the sale? They should have an S on the care tag. Sometimes it's on top of the tag, sometimes under. Sometimes it's very bold, sometimes it's hardly visible.

    There is a trick to get rid of the S on the care tag (haven't tried it myself yet), so I could imagine that some sellers get rid of the S and just sell it as a full priced scarf. Lots of people sell sale stuff but not everybody discloses that what they sell is a sales item. 99% of the buyers wouldn't know what to look for.
  3. ^Cut off the tag???LOL!

    This is the one sale item that wouldn't bother me since the tag gets folded into the scarf anyway.
  4. There has ben an occasional miss in marking things as sal item. Since the S is applied by hand, things will get missed, and like Hello said, some are lighter and some oare darker. I have a few sale items where the S is not present...

    99.9% of the time, the S is very discreet.
  5. but you should always mention it when selling right? as i said i think 2 of the scarves you can see it's like a stamp over the care tag- though i could not make out an s. but the others- nothing, i will check under the tag though.
  6. As a matter of courtesy, yes, you should mention that it is a sale item, but also mention that your thorough searching did not locate the taletell S
  7. i find it so interesting because i know so many of the scarves on eBay right now are probably sale scarves. why won't they just say so? i mean, as long as they start the bidding at what they paid it shouldn't matter... anyway thank you! still deciding what to do...
  8. Which ones are you thinking of selling?
  9. potentially the les zebras II, the black noel and maybe the babel one. i can't decide.
  10. Can you take pics of the tags so that we/you can see if the marks are visible?
    In my experience with the NY sale, they *usually* do them with a big old black magic marker, which makes me nuts (and is why I have yet to ever buy a sale scarf) but it sounds like you lucked out this year!

    Oh, and HI BFF! :love: Thanks for your help getting me logged in here. Heh.
  11. you dirty dog! there you are. guys- this is my BFF!
  12. i will take pics when i'm home....

    tee hee! you're here! :love:
  13. Welcome H- BFF!
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