how can you tell 100% plomb from black (?)

  1. the reason why i ask, is that some bags fall into a "grey area" (pardon the pun :p) & it's hard to tell which is which...i've got 2 plomb b-bags now which are plomb beyond a shadow of a doubt...and i've got lots of black b-bags that are black beyond a shadow of a doubt...but i've seen lots of bags that look like they could go either way...for example, @ "Barney's" nyc today, they had a few GSH besace messengers...the "Barney's" tag said "NER" for "nero", but they looked like plomb to me...they were a greyish black color & the white balenciaga tag inside said 2007 (which doesn't help matters) there any definitive way to tell from the tags or the markings on the bag (?) :shrugs:
  2. Good question.....I haven't a clue either...
  3. Good question! I've consistently wondered whether my City is Plomb or Black!
  4. to me the plomb looks more of a dark charcoal although i've seen some lighter black come close to it. i think black and plomb looks very similar when seen with sgh.
  5. ^^ I hear you!! I saw a "black" day at NM that I swear was plomb... but the tag said 2008 1 so it must be black. I don't get it! :confused1:
  6. How I tell them apart is by leather texture and color saturation. Plomb did not come out veiny. It's solid, saturated color all the way through with no whitish marbling. The version of Black that one would mistake for Plomb is going to be veiny. The white color feathered in between the black makes the color look gray.

    I've also noticed the leather on the veiny Blacks also has a smoother, thinner texture than is typical of Plomb leather.

    So, if it's marbled/veiny and/or and thinner/smoother leather, it's Black. At least this is what I've observed so far. I'd love to hear what others have noticed.
  7. very very good question. i was at nm newport some months back and they have their bags in color sections. their was two "black" sections, but one looked a bit lighter/worn. i could have sworn they were plomb but the sa's kept on telling me they were black. i didn't think so. why were they so...dusty, like a dark grey? anyways, i wanna know too.
  8. i saw a plomb city once and i knew right away it was plomb b/c it looked like a faded black (not gray really... just faded black).

    however, i saw a few bbags yesterday at NM and couldnt figure out if they were plomb or black... i sometimes think my black city could pass for blomb b/c it is very veiny/distressed, which makes it look lighter.

    i guess the only way you can tell FOR SURE is to check the tag?... which wouldnt help me cause i dunno how to read the tags lol
  9. Got this picture of Step PLOMB from Aloha Rag, it looks to me that it has some veiny, whitish marbling or maybe that's the wrinkling of the leather :confused1::


    Here's a Step BLACK version, it looks smoother, less veiny :confused1::

  10. This is a majorly confusing color!!!
  11. daffy, you're right that the Plomb looks like it may have whitish veining. I'd like to see it up close though. The Plombs I've seen have distressed and bumpy leather texture, with lots of wrinkles, but still solid color.

    The photo of the black one above is just a plain black one. My point was that when black is mistaken for Plomb, it's because it's a veiny black, and not that all blacks are veiny.

    Here's a pic of my Plomb. You can see unsmooth and distressed leather texture, but pretty solid color. Almost reminds me of dark wet shark skin.


  12. I was just wondering this today looking at Black Firsts at Barneys in BH. One had by far the best, thickest, smooshy leather - but it looked lighter than the others. More of a dark charcoal than a black. I really wondered if it was plomb, but I couldn't find plomb OR nero on the tag. The SA told me it was definitely black,'s who knows? It was A/W 2007 and the blacker, less smooshy ones were S/S, which might explain it, but I still wonder if it was plomb.
  13. She's ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! :drool::drool::drool:

  14. Sorry to jump off topic...but do you mean that the Besace messenger now comes in GIANT HARDWARE? Thanks in advance!
  15. the plomb is beautiful!