How can you spot a fake LV?

  1. I just got my very first LV (Beverly MM) and I know it's real cuz I bought it from, but was wondering about the differences between a real and a fake one.
  2. There are many different kinds of fakes. The only way to tell IMO is to know the details of your bag well. I can spot fakes of all of my bag models from a mile away, but I cant spot fakes of all bags in the brand. The obvious signs (for LV) are hangtags, the yellow card, cheap materials, bad stitching, and messed up mono.
  3. It's really not a good idea to give examples of fake bags since there are fake resellers that tend to lurk here. If you're ever unsure of your purchase or future purchases, just post them on the authentication thread.
    Congrats on a new bag BTW:tup:
  4. the canvas on fake LVs have that plastic, shiny look to them. Also, if it's a MC line, the colors are really dark.
  5. If its a really "good" fake i cant always tell (why i love the authentication thread) but the bad ones are easy. I was at jury duty the other day and i saw a woman with a MC speedy in white and it was so bad....the colors were really dark and the bag wasnt even the right size! it was more like the size of the 25 but not exactly. :wtf: the bad ones are easy to spot.

    or the speedy mono's with the feet on the bottom, i have seen alot of those recently.
  6. I agree with Kuuipo!
    It's not a good idea to talk about it.
    As this is a public forum so anyone can view these threads.
    If you ever want conformation if anything is fake then please post in the Authentication thread.